Friday, November 9, 2007

moviescan - Diwali special! :)

Deepavali times have turned out to be times for pleasant transitions + fun for me, since the past few years now.. the most beautiful of Diwali eves till date for me was the one 2 years back at the gorgeously lit Golden Temple of Amritsar with the most wonderful of fireworks lighting up the chilly November sky.. it was a divine evening to have spent with family.. and ever since, I've always made double sure that I have a total blast around Diwali time and make it at least half as beautiful as then.. sans the noisy crackers of course! atleast not once since childhood after burning my hand badly while trying to light up a fountain cracker when Pops wasn't around! So now all that energy which was used to lighting crackers is diverted to hogging on sweets! And no! I'm not planning to check my weight for the next couple of months atleast! ;)

btw, I did snuggle into the Diwali celebs at work too, where I got to do a Rangoli for the 1st time ever!! We did a 'Narakasura vadh' ! well no prizes for guessing that we couldn't have got any prizes.. :P It bombed royally, but the good news is that only 7/10 people mistook our Krishna for Hanuman or were having difficulty in figuring out who's killing whom! not bad, eh?

For a change I totally loved doing all those girlie stuff.. mebbe the fact that I wore a pinkie salwar suit helped! got mehndi done on my palms too! for the 1st time since my schooldays!! The ladies were all looking awesome in sarees and I'm so inspired by that, that I'm planning to get some for myself sometime soon.. well I better get it before all this festival induced euphoria wanes out of my mind!

Plus, this time around, I've diverted some of that energy towards bollywood moviegazing as well.. the primary intention was to save my eardrums from the noisy Bangalore Diwali. So my Diwali gift for you folks is gonna be Movies!! yay!! Now dont start pestering me for movie tickets!! Ok it's Diwali and all dat, but it clearly doesn't make me feel thaat big hearted! I'm anyways feeling all generous to share some recommendations if you are planning to go the movies this evening to save yourself from the chaotic noises around!

JAB WE MET : too good he ji! :)

It has everything going well for a warm and sweet bollywood love story with cute-ish moments and all that..
for a change they have shown the spine not to slant towards adding a pinch of the hollywood-ish masala / techno fx in sound/visuals as they've been doing it since sometime now.. this one is all nice n desi, just like a big mug of lassi.. malai maarke!
no villains n grue.. a happy fairytale-ish story
journeys!! hmm.. perfect setting for a successful bollywood love story.. n the Punjabi background for the balle balle effect!
confused ppl.. confusing situations.. guess 'confusion' has become the all time favorite ingredient in bollywood masala mix now!

You just cant stand Kareena's histrionics? well be prepared for a change.. in this one, she yaks a lot as usual, but surprisingly doesn't get onto your nerves.. she looked very real and in every shot, she reminded me of one or the other of my happy-go lucky punjabi kudi the extent that Shahid's performance seem to have got kinda overshadowed by it!
music is fun as well!

The spirit of the movie is very similar to that of Imtiaz Ali's earlier 'socha na tha'. If this is his style of movie making, I guess I'll be looking forward to his next as well! Infact, I thought his screenplay in 'Ahista Ahista' was also nice, except for the way the story ended!

LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG : bhagwaan keliye mujhe chod do!

Misery at it's best.. a protagonist who fails to see the difference between empowerment and being manipulated .. a mother who prefers the honor of her house(note: not family) above that of her child's.. a sister who sounds more immature than an average school-girl (atleast in the initial half).. a cowardly father who's resigned to his life and family and fate, who believes his misery is because of the fact that he doesn't have a son.

The irony is that after all the hoopla about 'beti chali beta banne' and those 'today's woman' lectures in the movie.. at the end of it all, the ladies needed their knights in shining armors to make their Dad proud of them!
and i guess i cannot stand to see an Anupam Kher / Jaya Bhaduri / Harsh Chayya for sometime now!
the only good thing about the movie is the song: 'hum to aise hain bhaiya'.

On an afterthought, even the other Pradeep Sarkar movie, 'parineeta' never made any sense to me! I don't seem to relate to (let alone empathise with) his female protagonists at all! The way they act and re-act to situations is totally different from the way women usually do in the world i know of! a quick note to myself: avoid watching anymore of Pradeep Sarkar movies if you've got to save yourself from brain hemorrhage.


Statutory warning : stay away from the walls.. banging your head on them could be highly injurious to your health!

if you manage to sit through the whole movie, you might also need to resort to the kind of laughter therapy which Dr. Asthana used to do in Munnabhai!

The movie: remember your worst nightmares? with incoherent visuals n feels n random scenes and places and people.. where you try to make some sense out of all that and finally resign to it and just numbly go through whatever you are taken through.. this could be almost equivalent an experience. carry an aspirin along if you are planning an attempt to understand the movie!

Later in the evening, i saw a moth fluttering away inside the reading room and found myself involuntarily wondering whether it could be the soul of the coakroach which I had brutally murdered that morning when it sought refuge in the reading room after surviving the Baygon attack in the kitchen.. Never underestimate the adverse effects, a Bollywood movie is capable of doing to your unsuspecting subconscious mind!

JOHNNY GADDAAR : has an edge!

The plot is good. Very unlike our usual diet of RGV sponsored Bollywood perspective of Underworld stories.. The twists, almost always are predictable, but the pace more than covers up for it as it doesn't give us many such occasions where we can think ahead of the pace of narration. The POV of the audience is that of the Criminal, which makes it all the more interesting than just sitting back and watching some bunch of nerdy detectives unknot the mystery.

Brilliant performances too! n yeah the Neil guy is something to look forward to.. reminds one of Saif's performance in 'Being Cyrus'. understated in terms of mainstream bollywood style, yet very powerful!

Can't think of writing more about it as it's been a while since I watched it. Though I'd definitely like to recommend it!

That's it for the moviescan for now, folks!

A movie which I had really wanted to watch in this while, but unfortunately couldn't make it was 'Loins of Punjab Presents'.. hope to get my hands on it soon!

Not really excited about Saawariya/OSO somehow! Infact I guess the promos all over the media was an overkill to the extent that one wonders whether the festive mood in the air is because of Diwali or the movie releases!

Have a happening and safe Diwali, people!


  1. movie review vannelloo... appo njan "Jab we met" kaanaan theerumaanichu..
    by the by, ush mehendi design kollaalloo.. aa kai namukku parichayamundellooo..

  2. Hey hey Hey ! :-) Happy Diwali, a little late albiet :-)

    Someone sure had a blast!

    Some questions and observations. lol

    1) Looks like all the analysis that lead to diwali surely worked well
    2) Why do you work so hard to put all these wiki links in so many places? gr8 Effort though!
    3)I dont agree with your views on Laga chunri... at all [:-(]. With all respect to your views. You know there are characters like those shown in the movie, specially the character of Anupam Kher,But i agree to the last point where the female protagonists are shown as totally dependant on the male species to finally get through the problems and command some respect. I totally loved the characters and most part of the story too. [read my last blog, and u ll hate me more ;-)].
    4) Cannot agree more on the overkill that OSO and Sawwaria have done to me.


    PS> Sorry for the looooongish comment. There are some days in office... u know.. :p

  3. @dimple: hey, gud! bet u'll like it if you're luking for some mindless entertainment..
    n about dat 'kai', i seriously had to fight this urge to caption the img: 'one tight slap'! hehe..

    @santosh: u liked it? well, gud for u, dude! :)