Wednesday, October 3, 2007

papercup smiley

ok, the tide just swept past me.. and I find myself all alone in this maze of empty cubes which used to house the team of 9, when I joined it a couple of years back. Now, all that remains of it is one teammie (btw, we've drifted into different teams now, thanks to the re-org that followed) whose work-at-office time doesn't much coincide with that of mine.

More than anything, I'm missing all those smiles.. desperate times call for desperate measures... so, (as much as I hate having all the typical girlie jazz around at my work area) I've made myself a papercup smiley, who'll always gimme a big broad happy smile, no matter what! :)
err.. that's if some office boy doesn't end up taking his boss' orders too literally to clear off all the papercups around!


  1. smiley kollaallooo.. enikkum papercup smiley venam..

  2. Hey!

    Join me for coffee in the afternoon girl. There are just boys and they talk about cars and what nots. It will be a nice opportunity for girl talk.

    Will stop by your desk tomo!

    Cheer up!

  3. @dimple: for sure sweets!
    though i genuinely hope u have a lotta real-time smiling faces around, dat u wudnt need a paper one! :)

    @naina: hey, yeah sure! pleasure wud b mine! :)
    i can almost see megha sighing in relief.. i've been incessantly bothering the noble soul a lot, of late! ;)

  4. me want one tooo ... peak of multitasking now...working on 3 notebooks simultaneously :(( .... maybe a raditation hazard board wud be more appropriate .... eeeks... anyways i luved it... i actually spontaneously smiled back at it ! tee hee .... did u see that tom cruise movie where he was marooned on some island and he created tis cartoon coconut for company ? :D funny must watch

  5. @pills: hey thanx dearie!
    radiation hazard?! :)) dat wud b funny!

    oh yeah, u're talking abt 'castaway', i guess.. n nyoo.. pleez dont mix up d hanks guy with d cruise guy.. im a clear fan of d former, though! :) now i c where i must've got d motivation from! n dat was something like a baseball, ryt? or was it a coconut? wotever.. i still rmmbr how crushing it was to watch the smiley get washed away! :(
    now i seriously feel like watching dat movie all over again, pills!

    n yeah, u do tk cr, pills!

  6. ithu kollallo.. nerathe vanittu enikku commentaan patteela. btb. enikku aa mooku ishtappette :D Smiley kikkidoo.. Tom hanks inte aa friend poyappo ulla vishamam kurachu sahikkan pattathathayirunnu :(( btb, ivide oru changaathikku oru paava undu.. pulli bore adikkumbo athile oru button amarthum. appo athu I am happy I am happy ennum paranju chaadum .. :D:D nammalum athu kekkumbo happy..

  7. @bubbles: eeswara!! bubbles.. so, there r enuf desp souls already, eh?!

    n know wot, aa mooku angane aayipoyathaa.. i went around hunting 4 a cellotape, but cudn't find it.. n then it was like eureka!! :) dankoos 4 stopping by, honey! n one beeeg 'muah!' to unnikkuttan!

  8. That smiley needs company. add more smileys and get more smiles.

    By the way it looks like a sun that we used to draw when we were small. add moon and star smileys

  9. heeheee.. zaroor, mere aaka! *takes a bow*

    wil b fun to work in a smiley galaxy, no? :)
    actually, a work friend here tells me she finds the idea brilliant!

    n yeah, um planning to delegate d task to you.. i'll bring u a cartload of papercups today! :D