Tuesday, October 9, 2007

btw, we call her God's own country!


  1. Sad, Pathetic, Scarry , Inhuman, Horrible :-(

    But as they say anything is possible in India.

    Something similarly horrific which i had written about some time back. Do not read this today, am sure you had enough of horrible news viewing today :-)



  2. really sad..just proves again literacy has no relation with humanity..

  3. Where is this world leading to!
    nice blog btw!

    peace & love

  4. @santoz: it sure is horrifying.. what's even more alarming is the fact that the perpetrators are licensed for their acts, by the lords of the land. there are no deterrents, either for the fear of losing out on a vote bank or just plainly following the gundaraj protocol.

    @mathew: literacy doesn't, but they say education does have a correlation with humanity. um sure u'd have meant 'education'..
    but yes, practically speaking, they aren't necessarily proportional in our times, with our kind of education.

    @rajeev:rightly said.. it's a world phenomenon.. isnt too specific to a Kerala/Gujrat/Bihar/India. unfortunately, humanity is a lost virtue in today's world.

    thanks for dropping by!

  5. i still have hope.
    i n my eversomany years, i havent seen our folks act like that.
    vandalism - yes, but beat up defenseless people, no.
    i think this is a one-off incident, i sure hope it is.

  6. beating up defenseless people is a clear act of cowardice, n I believe there has always been a steady flow of cowards in any walk of life/ society.. only this time, it's been captured on film for the world to see..

    but i genuinely wish, i could be atleast half as hopeful as you in that, bala!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Thats a horrible terrible video btw...I read about the incident, but didnt know it was captured on video.

  8. Oh my God !!! That's just horrible. And I was hoping that it was just the movies that were getting more and more violent.