Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Analysis Paralysis

Was having a chat with DT the other day.. more of our usual catching-up with each other chats.. we always have a bunch of 'me too's' in our agenda.. and this time around it was the turn of a severe bout of the gud old procrastination syndrome.

which reminds of those Moral Science classes at school.. 'procrastination is a tool of Devil'.. i can almost hear Sr. Blossy read that aloud!
D as usual reaches conclusions, referring to age old adages.. 'Over Analysis leads to Paralysis', she declares!

I've been thinking over it lately..
of late, my priority to-do list's been getting longer by the minute, and the misery associated with not accomplishing things as and when I would have liked it to have been ideally, is eating into me.

Anyways, since I've gotten myself into the Analysis mode, thought of doing a li'l more of it.. chumma like that.. Google Uncle's always there for support, after all!

I bumped into this Theory about Locus of Control. Apparently, Most individuals have a tendency to have either a strong internal locus of control orientation or strong external locus of control orientation. Those with a strong internal locus of control believe most events that occur in their lives are determined by their own actions rather than by chance. In contrast, those with a strong external locus of control believe most events occur by chance or circumstance and conclude they have little control over fate, or to change their lives. [quoted from here]
Took a small online test to know that I'm not in a inherently handicapped state there.. just grazing along the terrains of Internal Locus of Control. good for me!

The irony is that I ended up doing another (!)Analysis to figure out what's been erring. (well, anything in moderation is good as they say! ;) which reminds me of doing an analysis someday, on why I end up overdoing something just when I realise what a criminal waste it is!)

So my finding is that, the culprits are:

1. The pre-requisite mania: For every task, I have a list of pre-requisites which are too objective to set an achievable deadline for. though the task in itself may not be that unachievable.

2. The priority/severity tangle: Yes, I do have my priorities set. Now what happens is: my high priority task ends up being something for which I need to dedicate time and effort on a constant basis across a longer period of time. This acts to my disadvantage in tackling the high severity stuff, though seemingly less in priority.

Another cousin of the tangle is that of relative prioritisation. Its more like: 'ok, now I want to do this, but hey, there are more important stuff to get done with before this, so let this wait!'

or the reverse of it, which is even more dangerous.. when there's something I should be very focussed about, but I'm least convinced with it that I end up doing any other trivia and fool myself about being busy!

3. Tomorrow is another day: I love this line. especially when Scarlett says that.. it gives the hope of getting everything straightened out soon... probably at a later time.. after a good night's sleep. but Tomorrow is not going to be any different from today, unless I do something about it right now, right?

Ok, so armed with those revelations, I'm planning to take on my to-do list and start working on things within my circle of influence.. Wish me luck!!

PS: I know it's a crappy post.. sadly though, it reflects my current state of mind. :/
hopefully, I'll be ok by Diwali! :)


  1. ush.. ithu chathi aayippoyi.. 'Tomorrow is another day' ennu ini njaan engane samaadhaanamayi parayum..

  2. 1. It was not a crappy post at all
    2. It gave me some pointers in the right direction which i needed OH ! so badly :-)
    3. After a loooong drawn analysis of prioritizing,focus etc etx, you say you will be ok by diwali :-) Why wait until Diwali :-)

    Wish you luck :-)


  3. @dimples: aa number-inte expiry kazhinju dimple! ellaam vidhiya!

    but hey, y bother daps? discovering loopholes is our all-time hobby, afterall..
    so, if the hindering factor is outside our circle of influence, then we don't have any option other than hoping it'll b alright by tomorrow, right? geeee.. hi fives!

    @santoz: hey thanks! :)
    it's too early to party as only d analysis part is over now.. i hope d execution too goes on well for me, n um hoping to get done with a big chunk of it before diwali.
    thanks for those wishes! i sure do need them! :)

  4. like i was not confused enough already! :P
    btw, the jugle plan flopped. it was the rain first, and a loner elephant next. :(
    I'm back in bangalore.

  5. @wonderboy: ah, these bangalore rains are such spoilsports, i tell u!
    newys, it's a loong weekend coming up.. so hope u manage to pull off an adventure trip this time! gud luck, bala! n happy holidays! :)