Monday, September 10, 2007

in the line of fire

rif(reduction in force)/ layoff no longer sounds like a scary monster to me.. it has become as normal as a fire-drill.. time for yet another round of it now.. my first second-hand brush with layoffs was at Quark, when a bunch of dear friends were affected as their team of 40 was being laid off.. n my dear friend S was affected yet again this month, which got me real concerned for her, but thankfully, things worked out well for her soon! :)

so, I've started my pre-(anticipatory)rif activities in full swing, now.. i.e., taking backups of personal stuff, getting my resume updated n alerting friends n networks about a possible job-hunt on war-footing, just around the corner.. fingers crossed!

the worst part (umm.. dunno if it should be categorised into 'best') is that the worst case scenario sounds much more glorious in this case, with the glamorous severance package thingy! ;)

the funny part was when my manager reasoned why he's sure I should not be worried about this..
his theory: only *married* *men* with *kids* would be losing their sleep over it, for the sake of the *social stigma* associated with *losing a job* in a society like ours.
indirectly implies ==> single women with no kids needn't worry about losing their jobs, 'coz our society don't give a damn for them anyways!
:) cool reasoning, huh?

err.. i know, he wouldn't have as much as given a thought about the prickly brains of his people to twist n turn n churn his seemingly harmless statements. talk about techniques of handling sensitive issues like gender bias at work! well.. wotever!