Friday, August 3, 2007

the mirage between terrorism and heroism

The latest round of convictions of the 1993 Bombay blasts accused, came as a welcome news.. It felt good to read the headline in a newspaper.. "13 BLASTS, 14 YEARS, A 100 CONVICTIONS". Ok, considering the fact that many of the masterminds behind the blasts are still on the run, and away from the reach of the law as long as they are good at their game...

Still, to execute their plans they need lay people, who can be brainwashed, trained and motivated to actually make it happen.. convicting those people, however far they were from the master planners makes sense as acts as a deterrent by sending across a warning signal for the people who think that they can get away with it, and also a positive message about the jurisdiction of the country.

When 7/11 occured, there were many of my friends who were angry with the country's leaders (most of the politicians are specimens in their own ways.. but let's save it for another day!) that they were not taking any serious measures against curbing terrorism.. there were many who raised anti-muslim slogans, and there were others who indirectly pointed their fingers at the issue that incidentally, most of the terrorists happen to belong to a certain minority community.. but taking up swords against a community is not going to get it solved, for sure!!

It's we the people, who keep complaining about how the rulers and the bureaucrats aren't taking the investigations and preventive measures seriously.. n ironically, it's the same us who end up glorifying terror suspects and convicts..

A few incidents which found the national news media spending considerable air-time on them of late, were :

I. the Monica Bedi story:
I was surprised when I switched on the tv, to find this lady conducting a press conference at her village, very confidently. She was being given a grand welcome as could be seen from the flowers showered on her... n I was like ???!! now what's this all about? there's this woman,
i. who's been the companion of a convicted gangster..
ii. who was being persecuted for passport forgery cases, and just managed to get a bail..
So what does that make her? a celebrity??! now that's interesting..


II. the Haneef Mohammed story:
Ok, there's this guy who was retained for interrogation in a foreign country, with regard to his suspected involvement in an international terrorism act. Foreign Affairs ministers do intervene in such cases to make sure that their national is'nt treated unfairly.. that's ok too.. n so, the guy in question comes back home finally with no charges against him due to lack of substantial evidence (which actually does not imply that he is proved innocent).
Ok, good for him.. what I dont seem to understand is, how does he stand to become a Hero??!! Apparently a standoff as a terror suspect in a foreign country earns him a Hero status + assurance by the chief minister of the state for a government job!! Well I never knew there was an alternate qualification which could find one a respectable job like that!

Infact I was expecting them to initiate an investigation here to learn further about his association with his cousins (who are accused of the attempted terror attack) and the other facets of the case which did come to light in the beginning like his father-in-law managing the parking facilities in the Bangalore international airport.. mind you, those are people in key areas in a terror attack point of view!

Instead of that, we are here hailing him as a Hero!


III. the Sunjay Dutt story:
Ok, so he's our most lovable Munnabhai.. we luv d local bhai turned gandhian onscreen.. we forgive him of his bhaigiri as he smiles his way to gandhigiri.. well n fine..
But take a break, and think of what's been happening for real.. he may not have planted a bomb or conspired on any terrorism.. but hey, he bought a weapon from the terrorists.. he must've paid them money, which must have directly gone to help the terrorists fund the execution of their plans.. Isn't that reason enough for someone to be punished? Instead we scream it's unfair.. how could one convict Sunju baba!?

A mistake one did unknowingly in his youth? c'mon.. a man of 35 years cannot be so much of a blissfully ignorant, innocent youth! (you wondering how me calculated his age? incidentally, we share the same b'day(!!)... only mine's 2 decades later.. which makes it easier for me to calculate it!)


We cry fowl against investigations and convictions, n we still have it in us to blame the government, the bureaucrats, the police and the judicial system for not curbing terrorism! wah re duniya, teri reet nirali!


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