Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Had been to a fun event at work, last weekend.. the theme was African Safari.. but then, thankfully, we didn't have to follow that for the dress code for the evening... mebbe the organisers thought we do look like those afrikan junglees anyday!! :P me was wondering what could be the driving force behind the theme? other than for the pot painting competition which was conducted a couple of days before the event.. hey, talking of which, I took part in that as well.. the best part is that I was participating in an arty competition after more than a couple of decades now.. with no intensions of competing n just to be a part of it.. I was the last person to sign up, and that too while those organising guys were almost about to wind it up... bhai, you get all the colors and the matka for free.. + the paintbrushes as well.. + another 16 fully painted matkas for inspiration! ;) wot more could I have asked for?! though at the end of it all, my matka looked more like that of a pongal pot!! :D wot the heck! it was fun nonetheless.. :)

At the event, I thought they might be serving some afrikaan adivasi food for dinner! thankfully we were saved!! :D Nothing other than the stage design confirmed to the theme. totally loved the programmes conducted by the IEC folks.. which i thought was brilliant.. you can find a fundu write-up about the event here and the snaps here.

We reached there on-time, and found ourselves a seat in the 2nd row.. happy that we wouldn't have to struggle to watch the show over the shoulders and in between the heads of the biggies. A couple of my friends were performing and I for sure didn't want to miss out on the action + it was great fun cheering them n howling n screaming as though we were still in college!! For a change, didn't take the camera along.. I knew the event will anyways be recorded.. but hey, tell you what, it isn't a great idea to find yourself a seat in the 1st rows when you don't have a cam with u..
Before the event started, a zone-mate (who was also participating and had to go backstage) gave me the responsibility of recording a handful of programmes on his handycam!! little did I know that each of these programmes is gonna last for a minimum of 10+ mins!!

But hey, a task is a task, so I thought of doing it diligently.. atleast for the 1st one!! so, I started recording n spotted him in the group dance event, n started zooming in and following the guy.. obviously it's his cam.. he wud've surely wanted his acts on-stage to be covered well, ryt? donno whether the LCD was deceiving me or was it b'coz I went past the bustling beer bar sometime back.. newys, after a couple of minutes did I realise that the guy whom I've been hunting down with the cam wasn't actually the owner of the cam!!! lo! Ok, to do some damage repair, I started doing the same zoom thingy on the lead lady of the next dance item.. n the lead man of the next one as well!! In short, I kinda managed to ruin the dance videos royally for him.. :D

Lesson of the day: take your cam along when you go for events like this.. it's another matter whether you want to record it or not.. but at the least you wouldn't find yourself at the receiving end of such mishaps!!

and also for people who trust their cams with people like me, n expect them to do a decent job at it!! you never know, other than ruining the recording, it could be an immense pain to watch the video, even for once before deleting it!!


  1. hehe.. t'was funny actually.. holding it with both my hands, stretching up above my head, in a yogi pose! :)) thankfully, my friend took over the recording after the dance events!

  2. hahaha..reminds me when i was asked to record for a family function and spectacularly finished the battery before the function actually started..I have a fear of being the cameraman ever since!!;-P

  3. @mathew: :D somehow this guy did forewarn me about switching it off atleast 10 times, i guess.. otherwise, u bet, that would've been another add-on to my goof-up!

  4. I misread the first line initially and took it that you go for African Safaris as 'fun events'. But then, if you had indeed, "aim and shoot" would have taken an entire another meaning :)

  5. I had this video cam with me once at a cousin sis's marriage, and i very artistically recorded the arrangement at the salad counter, and flower decorations etx. I thought it wud be a colorful addition to the video. But it turns out it is not, i should have zoomed on the cousin and her hubby a lot more and not on carrots and raddihes. hmmmmmm..

  6. @santhosh: gud for me, that I went to an african safari in a concrete jungle!

    @santoz: happens! :)

    thanks for dropping by, guys!

  7. thank you. You have a very interesting style of writing. I look forward to your other posts. :)