Tuesday, June 19, 2007

the week that was

yay! back aftr the weekend..
outstanding achievement: checked out a new store, which was just a few blocks away from where i stayed for an year, before moving out to this new apt.. n realised that it's a totally fundoo store.. (read: most of the stuff in there was in tune with my taste..) picked up some, n got poorer by a few thousand bucks.. but i swear it was worth it!! :)

i've got a thumping headache.. feels like i've got a football rolling inside my head..
cause: post-cold-congestion-related-stuffiness-induced-headache (phew!)
t'was even worse last evening.. :(

oh btw, sunday started with a bang.. literally!!
got woken up at 6 in d morning to screeching sounds in the vacant plot(now rendered vacant, as the old naalukettu which stood there was demolished last week) right next to our apt. apparently they were trying 2 dig a borewell..
Hems n me, were both sleeping like logs.. tried to sleep tolerating all those sound effects for about an hour.. not any more..
somehow made my way out of bed.. got done with d laundry, which was waiting in the washing machine, n headed out.... the intension was to run away from home till the sound n dust riots get done with.
post lunch, we came back, relieved to know that the borer+generator were done with their business and left the place for gud.. but our kitchen, which is nearest to the plot, was a wreck.. it had a layer of fine dust all over it! after all the precautions we took to make sure the windows n ventilators are all well sealed! :(

another weirdo event which happened last friday..
an acquaintance (a classmate of mine during pre-degree.. say 12 yrs bak.. whom i was not even in talking terms with then.. but eventually found myself adding him to my orkut frndslist, as we were members of the same community of our batch in orkut. i thought it would be rude to do otherwise!) scraps me : hey usha, when are you inviting me for your wedding?
me never really understood why plain acquaintances seem more worried about my single status, than anyone else!
moreover, me's been having the worst temperament ever, thnx to the cold monster..

me: thnx for the concern.. but why dont you bother about yours 1st?
he: hey, why are you getting soo tensed.. i just asked u!
(now this is an over used line in mallu land.. the word-by-word english translation of 'enthinaa choodaavunne?' modus operandi: to irritate someone.. n once it is ascertained from the response that the mission is succesful, go ahead n irritate the person further by asking 'why are you irritated?'!! )
me : ahem.. why d'u think i should get 'tensed' for what you ask?
i was trying to tell you that the question was 'unwelcome'. it was my way of telling you to 'mind your own business'.. hope you get it right this time..
he: (fuming.. i could almost see the hot blow of air rushing out through his ears n nostrils..) hey, you dont advise me, ok? i also wont advise you...
n as though he wasnt satisfied with what he just wrote: now i got ur range (i wonder wot dat was!) dont reply to me again.. n no more messages!!
i had to fight this urge to irritate him further by asking: 'hey, now why are you getting so tensed, i just asked!' :D
but thought it'll do me better to steer clear of such buggers..

it came with a couple of lessons though..
1. me decided not to accept frnds request from ppl who were just my batchmates/classmates (ppl with whom i've never ever had a real-time conversation) more than a decade back or so.. n i have no idea abt what they are upto or who they are!
it's always gud to get to know old batchmates n some make real gud frnds later on.. but hey, if i am not all too pally with them, then why have them around in my list!
planning to do a clean-up soon!
2. avoid answering questions on marital status to plain acquaintances. some queries do sound like their life depends on my marriage! dats when me gets bugged up n give them a piece of my mind.. hmm.. now i gues it's better to just keep mum on that!

best thing that happened this week is that Mummy Papa came over today, and will be around for a couple of weeks. :)
hey hey.. i have to rush home early today..
i have not had my lunch yet.. waiting to go home n have mummy's spl prawn curry!!!
ah, i just cant wait 2 reach home! buhbyes!


  1. "hey, now why are you getting so
    tensed, i just asked"
    - kalakki!!!!

  2. hehe.. satyam dimple..
    jst when i was happy thinking that the density of snobs in this world has come considerably low.. :D

    dankoo 4 dropping by, daps! :)

  3. Hey Usha

    Comeon you should have given that poooooor guyyyy a chance to speak up a bit...might be that he was carrying a ring in his pocket with Usha written on it :D.

    Joke apart its good that you keep away from such nosy people...and yes don't accpet friend's request until you are 100% sure of them.

  4. @shalu: cent %! um yet 2 do d cleanup though! :P man.. am i real lazy or wot!

    @bala: nyoo!! almost an year n i havent yet started hating orkut! for every 1 creep that i bumped into in there, i have found atleast a handful of gud old schoolmates.. :)