Monday, June 4, 2007

inflammable memories?

how saddening it is, when one gets to know that somewhere far away, a part of one's memories is burnt to ashes...
wonder whether im over-reacting.. but im shattered to hear about the destructive fire in the Mohali Rehri market today.. it is said to be accidental though..

If you know Mohali, I'm talking about this small Rehri Market in 3B2, which is behind the Gurudwara opp. Katani/Sital in PhaseV.

When I moved out of the place 18 months back, I was soo adamant that I would not go around photographing some of my most favorite places in Chandigarh.. which was for the simple reason that I knew the memories would bring me back to this place.. to visit the peaceful Sukhna lake, go alone to the gorgeous Rock Garden sometime.. to shop till i drop at the 22sec and 17sec markets.. have my favorite aaloo tikkis from Katani.. go for a late lazy weekend lunch with Anubha.. or to Fun Republic with the happy trio (Anu, Anubha and Kiddie).. go to Sital to get my groceries.. visiting the thursday subji mandi at sec70. I'd miss Lalit there though.. he was the one who taught me the 1st lessons in vegetable shopping.. n saved me frm the scornful looks of the vendor.. he said : pyaas, 4 rupye kilo .. for which, I asked him.. 'bhaiya.. dhai sau gram dena..' much to the amusement of my accomplices, Lalit n Lalatendu.. who told me to shut my mouth then.. n gave me 4 onions from their veggie bag later..

This Rehri market is indelible in my memories.. the foggy winter evenings when I used to go there with Hind, Ashu, Monica and Kinni..I've had all d junk food from the shops in the front row.. had got a shirt from there .. n went with Rosy bhabi once, when she went around hunting for some bridal make-up bindis n stuff there.. It was like everything under the sun, one can get in a 5000 sq feet area.. shops having no walls , but asbestos sheets as dividers..totally awesome bridal attires/lehanga-cholis for rent (yeah, even i got to know for the 1st time that ppl do get their wedding dresses on rent), the apparel shops, which luk strikingly different during summers n winters.. baby suits, salwar suits, lingerie shops, bag(jholas) shop, tailor shop, a ladies fancy store (a pretty high end one too, mind you!),a daily provision/grocery store, upholstery shops.. n veggie market too at the farther end of it..

It's sad to think that now I can travel through the market only in my memory lanes.. but something tells me that when I go to Mohali next,(i donno how many years later..) i do expect to see another Rehri market rise up from the ashes..
At the least, my memories of the place are not inflammable..


  1. Usha

    Thats commendable that you remember and have genuine feelings for rehri marketeers. You know these guys have usually put in their life's savings in their shops...when something of this sort happens just think how many people lose their life's earnings. Gov't does give a compensation but not as much as they have lost.

  2. yeah shalu.. hey, i have no idea abt wot happened to d ppl.. all that i learned was that there were no casualties. is the govt. working on rebuilding d market or something?

    n just going by the kind of stuff they stock up in their small shops, one can only guess d massive loss incurred! it's sad.