Friday, June 29, 2007

hello kid!

just got to watch Disney's 'The Kid' yesterday.
Was in no mood to put up with a movie late in the night after a looooong day of hard work, n a double-cross by a seemingly-oh-so-innocent teammie.. had to remind myself of my age-old-tried'n tested-theory to be double careful about seemingly unharmful and ultra-nice human beings.. chances are more that they are extremely talented in camouflaging their real selves.. u put down ur defences, and just then they hit you right where it hurts the most! darn, i hate myself for forgetting it...

Random thought for the day: something which my dear friend Lalit remarked offhandedly once, while we were walking through some place hopelessly infested by bats, that 'ek hi jaanwar se saavdhan rehna chahiye, woh- jo do pairon pe chalta he ' - there's only one animal we need to be wary of, n that's the one which walks on 2 legs.

gud thing's that um happy that i dint take it to my heart! i wud've sulked for atleast one whole day, had this been the me a couple of yrs bak! we do change drastically over the years, dont we?

back to topic: 'The Kid' was more of a (pleasantly)gripping movie, the one that did not let me reach for the remote control in b/w.. the plot was light n thought provoking in a funny way.. though 'the end' came up pretty unexpectedly n i felt like they failed in communicating to the viewers something which they intended to say? well the plot in itself was so involving.. 'an established image consultant of 40 years (Bruce Willis) who comes face to face with a kid which is actually himself when he was an 8 yr old. Apparently, the kid travels 32 years into the future to meet him and sometime in b/w, even the adult travels 32 yrs back in time with the kid to his(their) past.. the movie was lovely in totality..

the tagline: Nobody ever grows up quite like they imagined.

Some of the quotes i luvd:

Rusty Duritz (The Kid): How old are you?
Russ Duritz(Bruce Willis): Forty. In a couple days.
Rusty Duritz: That is old! I'm turning eight. In a couple days.
Russ Duritz: Eight. You're eight. I'm eight.
Rusty Duritz: This is scary.
Russ Duritz: No. This is hilarious.

Rusty Duritz: When do I learn how to drive?
Russ Duritz: When you're sixteen.
Rusty Duritz: When do I get a car?
Russ Duritz: When you're eighteen.
Rusty Duritz: When do I get a hickey?
Russ Duritz: [smile] When you're seventeen.
Rusty Duritz: When do I find out what a hickey is?
Russ Duritz: Not tonight.

Rusty Duritz(The kid, after learning how his life's gonna be in the next 32 years) : So, I'm forty, I'm not married, I don't fly jets, and I don't have a dog? I grow up to be a loser!
i luvd this one!

but i luvd this movie more for the fact dat it made me think a different thought.. there I was, wondering in d middle of the night, how it wud be if i got to meet the me of my childhood days.. weird? well.. mebbe not?

i realised that:
now i dont even remember what I actually wanted to be? how did i expect my life to be as an adult? did i not have any dreams at all? or have i just forgotten all of them?
i can go on n on about my photographic mem of many things which happened during those times.. but strangely enough i dont remember any of my dreams then..

n then the stark reality hits me when i wonder.. well, wots my dream for myself in the years to come? i go blank! dont i have dreams? in retrospect, i just have some immediate goals.. say something like 5 yr plans.. i seriously donno how its going to be 5 yrs frm now.. u know, the big picture?

what wud I have done, if i were to meet the me when i was 2+ yrs old? (now i know the 2+ yr old me much better thanks to the audio recordings Pops had done then.. i've been a hopeless chatterbox even then -yeah, some things never change! occasionally hitting the tape recorder -which i used 2 call 'radio' then.. wondering why it isn't talking bak 2 me!! -n pestering Papa for an explanation for that too! poor Pops!)
i wud've told her: learning "ABCD" wont fetch u a job, dude! u've got a long long way 2 go! (trust me, i was actually talking abt dat in dat audio tape! i think moms cudnt have thought of a better idea to get me to learn ABCD? wonder wot tactic wil i apply to get my wud-be kids to learn ABCD? mebbe d same? who knows!)

if i were to meet the 5yr old me, i'd've told her never to stop dancing or singing.. li'l did i ever know that a handful of those snaps is all that I'll have to cherish for a whole lifetime.. I dont remember dancing even once in public since then.. until last year's Dandiya celebs at office, when we learnt it from some extremely patient gujju colleagues n danced from the beginning till the end of it all -well well.. that has something partly to do with the fact that a handful of us who called ourselves the 'enthu team' were actually organising it, n we had to count those rented dandiya sticks n other stuff to return them safely! hehe

if i were to meet the 7 year old me, who got a silver medal (actually it was made of steel.. silver just stood for the 'second prize')for drawing, n decided that such competitions weren't fun or even fair, to participate in it again..
I wud've told her never to bother about appreciation / criticizing, n just go on with what you luv to do. I'd've told her that it kinda pains somewhere deep within, now when i hold dat medal with that green bow, pinned to that certificate..

if i were to meet the me in 7th grade, i wud've told her not to be hyper-reactive about the outrageous rules at school.. there were even weirdo stuff happening in the world outside.. that being a rebel is no solution! n those friends with whom she laughs n plays n fights and patches up with are the most beautiful, clear and loveliest of all the ppl she's going to come across in life.

if i were to meet the me in 10th grade, I would have told her to take it easy, n not bother too much about the grades.. rmmbr the way our teachers n d ppl around us used to freak us out telling that our lives depended on the 10th grade results?
i wud've told her that all it helps with, is to get admission to a good college for +2.. so just dont bother much n njoy ur studies.. luv ur books, n dont let that exam perspective bog you down.

if i were to meet the me in 12th grade, I would've told her to study a bit harder.. coz as I've realised dat it's wot mattered the most then.. much more than the results at 10th grade (as was widely believed then!)

if i were to meet the me in my 3rd semester at college.. when i got the biggest shock of facing a failure, I would've told her 'hey, cheer up dude.. know wot u r going to get past this and many such setbacks in the years to come, but at the end of it all, u'll b proud of how those things shaped u up!

if i were to meet me on my farewell day at college (yeah, campus selections n stuff were extremely low during 2000.. remember the bubble burst then..) i'd've told me: never mind.. u just dont know wot's in store for u sweetheart! u'll b just fine.. mebbe a li'l better than that?!

if i were to meet the me in 2003, when i was going through one of the toughest patches of my life.. I'd've told myself to hang on.. for an year... to be strong till the storm passes..

n wot if were to come face to face to the me of today? wot wud I tell me? mebbe to have a beautiful dream... for tomorrow..
n that its never too late to dance my way, to do all dat i luvd doing and missed doing over the years..

what would you like to tell the 'you of your childhood' now?


  1. hmmm...vayaronnu kaali.... I also used to think abt what my goals and expectations are and used to think God.. I dont have any :( Still athe phase aanu.. ithedakkide enne shalyapeduthaarulla thought aanu.. especially when others talk about their dreams and goals.. It seems like if we dont have plans or goals, we would become a part of other's plan or goals it seemss... now life is like kind of living daily life..... and accepting everything that comes in the way..Ush dear, you write really sooo goood.. :D:D:D

  2. >>'if we dont have plans or goals, we would become a part of other's plan or goals' - hmm.. sochnewali baat he!
    dankoo bubbles, 4 stopping by 2 comment adikkify! :) um honoured!