Friday, June 15, 2007


Have been nursing this nasty cold since a couple of days now.. had to take off from work for the rest of the day, yest.. this is the 2nd attack of the cold monster this year, since January..

Over the years, I've realised that it's only during these times that I put a semi-colon to the mad race and treat myself better. Still.. it's more of an abuse as I take the most heavy medications to sustain me through these trying days.. The worst of it being my addictive consumption of a certain brand of highly effective, but hopelessly sedative cough syrup (some enlightened frnds have advised me, that it's considered equivalent to a standard dose of liquor by seasoned drunkards!). Now I see why I'm known to walk around like a zombie when I catch a cold!

This time around, I've decided to stick to Mummy's gud old recipe of chukkuvellam with pepper n jaggery - its a concoction of chukku (dried ginger) + black pepper powder + jaggery. (though I did get my cough syrup from the Chemist across the road, just in case this doesn't work out as guaranteed - so much for contingency planning!)

I tried making some for myself last afternoon and have been having that for the rest of the day.. to my surprise it really did relieve me of my throat pain.. which I knew for sure was heading towards a hopeless infection.

Thanks to Mummy who got me a dabba of home-made chukkupodi when she came over to visit us the last time.. n helped me (provided tele-support) to make it as well..

Did you know that chukkuvellam helps counter indigestion, loss of apetite, asthma, colic and heart deseases, in addition to fighting cough and related throat pain?
see this to learn more about chukkuvellam and its relevance in the ayurvedic texts.

I for one, am totally floored by its positive effects..
Bye bye, Wockhardt's Brozedex.. Hello Chukkuvellam!

ps: feel free to let me know of any other 'gharelu nuske's to counter cold.. shalu, I'm planning to try that 'honey+lemon+lukewarm water' trick today.. :) thnx!


  1. T Pemmaiah, a coorgi chaddi buddy of mind from my college used to take lukewarm milk with honey and brandy.
    this is how you make the concoction:
    half a glass of brandy
    two teaspoons of honey
    quarter glass of lukewarm milk
    a dessert spoon of pepper.
    stir all of that till the mixture looks peppery yellow, and consume it in three evenly seperated gulps.
    She says that's a spot on for cold.
    i've never tried it, though.
    Partly because i never had the heart to spoil the brandy, and partly because i enjoy a cold - at home - filmy ishtyle. ;)

  2. 'enjoy the cold'.. :) i second dat thought.. i find it d best opportunity to take a break n pamper myself.. but never, never so when i feel like getting a throat infection of something.. dats something i dread d most! hehe..

    n danks 4 dat recipe.. i'll try dat sometime.. (minus the brandy, ofcourse.. not dat i care abt spoiling it.. but for the fact dat i dont have access to it! :D )

  3. Next time you suffer from Cough, try this alcohol free Ayurvedic preparation called 'Honitus'. More on the review can be found at

  4. thanks for the link, Angelica! 'cuf syrup minus the sedatives' sounds interesting! n also for d fact that it's got mulathi in it! :)

    thankyou for dropping by!