Tuesday, May 8, 2007

fifth time unlucky?!! :))

Remember, I was talking about this old school-mate of mine, who used to hide his marital status and delete off any mention of it publicly in orkut n stuff?

just got to hear about another such specimen of late.. this one's the baap of it all, though!
do take a look at this

What's even amusing is the fact that, the day after I read this in the newspaper, I got to know that the person in question has been working (infact he was leading a team) for the same company as me, till about a week back!

Apparently, he used to manage 4 wives and a girlfriend with multiple credit cards and mobile phones.. and now since the newspaper claims that the lucky(?) 5th girl has been his colleague, seems like he must've been handling 2 jobs as well, taking advantage of the flexi-work hours!!

What I could not digest, is the fact that all the 5 ladies in question are supposedly decently qualified working women!? and yet no one bothered to lodge a police complaint!

lucky, aint he?


  1. Godd Usha!! what was exactly wrong with this guy...lemme tell about this to my hubby. He will say "This guy is surely out of his mind..yahaan ek se guzaara nahin aur yeh paanch liye ghoom rahaa hai (I can't maintain one, and he has five wives)" :D

  2. haha!!
    we were jst discussing it over lunch and my friend was like, 'no wonder.. he must surely be needing those 5 extra incomes to maintain his extravagant way of life!'
    well well.. i'd suggest, u dont start giving manoj ideas, dear!! ;) :D

  3. 200% true, ma'm!
    even me was shocked beyond words!