Thursday, May 3, 2007


So much for providing equal opportunities and abolishment of gender bias or industry specific bias for that matter.. just got to read this piece of news today.

Women were asked to convince(!) their employers to avoid them from doing night duties, or else, quit their jobs!

The threat, as they say, is not exactly at the workplace, but could be during the commute. In that case, how would this threat be non-existent to women working for a specific industry (ironically though, most of the atrocities which have been brought to light were from this particular sector!), while it applies to the rest of them ?

Most of all, this is not something which could be justified with this skewed perception of the 'prevention is better than cure' line..

yes, Prevention is good, so why not go ahead and make the workplaces and the city a safer place? why not educate the civilians to be better human beings?
(PS: I read in one of those newspaper polls, that some women were actually recommending that if it be a case of prevention, then it's the men who should be banned from working overnight!! :)) how funny's that!)

We've been taught since childhood to strike at the root of the issues, rather than the branches, then why this hypocrisy now?

Just a couple of weeks back, I got to hear from a stranger on Orkut, asking me(wait a sec.. he was actually 'telling' me!) to take off my snap from the display pic! what was alarming, was the tone of speech.. it sounded more like a 'warning'.. there was a link pointing to a community as well, where in, there were men and women advocating that the women should not put up their snaps in there. But ironically though, I was surprised to find women making comments like "girls putting up their snaps as d/y pics are trying to provoke the men!" well.. no comments!!
your face, which is supposed to be your identity.. you need someone to tell you to hide your face, as though it is something you've to be ashamed of?!

they quote the news of the guy who was nabbed by cyber crime police on the basis of orkut related obscenity complaint, but don't you feel we should be highlighting more on the dire consequences for someone who committed the crime, rather than asking all the women folk to hide their faces in the cyberworld..

well, would you stop sending your kids to universities fearing some insane person could just open fire at them?
would you stop travelling by air because it is seemingly target no.1 for terrorists?
these are no solutions...

for a change, please do take a look at this and this... the next time someone sends you a warning, you know where to direct them to.. guess it should be fine if you make your reply sound more like a warning, as well!!

and for the night-duty ban for women.. i hope it will be lifted soon as well..
well.. hope there's some sanity still left somewhere in here!

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