Thursday, April 19, 2007

wot the heck, it's just a peck!!

You want to know the A-Z of Indian Culture, pls approach the self appointed moral guards of India! They are way too much wise when it comes to Culture.. you dint know how they've taken up the cause of a poor li'l Indian damsel in distress? The irony is, the damsel in question doesn't think there was anything wrong with the act! but hey, who's she to judge/decide that! The moral police babus feel that the victim in question here is Indian Culture!! and they are not going to let that happen! well fair enough.. you burn effigies of the phirangs.. you burn effigies of the deshdrohis who support them, blinded by the evil western influence.. so, what did you gain? prime-time coverage on national television! not a bad idea, ryt?

When I heard this first, what first came to my mind was the Rakhi-Mika-pappi episode! Mebbe these guys were busy taking a nap when that lady in question needed help.. they just opted to karaoke to the Mika guy's song with those moron brothers(hey what were their names, btw? who cares, anyways!)..

I wonder where these babus were when many hapless women needed support n justice.. when they were humiliated, harassed, molested, violated and raped! 99% of those atrocities must surely have gone unnoticed, and the culprits unpunished.

What about the Nithari murders? We never heard of anyone burning down the accused's mansion in Chandigarh.. we never heard these babus even staging a mass movement for getting him a capital punishment.. we were mute spectators while the CBI acquitted one of them (the most influential of them)!

was it because the victims weren't as famous for them to gain any mileage out of all the drama?
are these moral policing babus, just a bunch of sick parasites who feed on the fame of their victims?

hey, btw did you hear of the brand new moral police force of India? Way to go!!

Hail the Great Indian Culture Tamaasha!

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