Friday, April 13, 2007

t'was a lovely week!

discovered a handful of things all over again..

for one, the rain!! t'was a welcome relief .. n i just realised how fun it is, to get drenched in those mango showers, after a real long time! totally loved it.. though it made me miss the kerala rains a lot! made a resolution to make sure that I take a vacation to kerala during the monsoon!!

kick started my long forgotten n forsaken fitness regime.. took the help of my dear friend, Anubha to help me remember all that we learnt during those Art of Living classes, a couple of years back... n also learned that the joggers track in our neighbourhood park, is pretty good for early morning jogs! :)

had a looong chat over the phone with an old friend Pachu, n was soo delighted that we could just pick up the threads from where we left them, a couple of years back.. know wot, the best part was to discover the new person which she's become... n getting to share all those newly acquired enlightenments n experiences.. t'was awesome.. thnx Paach, it really meant a lot!

and last but not the least, it was totally great to belong to a girlie gang, after a real long time!! all through my school days to college days, i've always been a part of one.. and since the past 7 years, that's something I've been missing the most.. and yesterday, i suddenly discovered one! we've been a part of this enthu team since sometime.. but the way in which all of us just opened up yesterday, was unbelievable.. n hey, today we had an all girlie-girlie lunch as well!!

what i find the most funny is the fact that I've been more of a loner since sometime.. n I've been liking it as well... only when I got back to that good old mode, did I realise what I've been missing all this while..

And yeah, finally, the org bash we've been planning all this week, went on well!! long time since I had laughed my heart away, like this! was too much of an effort, getting it done since most of the co-workers were too non-co-operative about having fun.. all of us were totally drained off our last bit of energy as well as our cool.. but there's nothing denying the fact that, we've had 'the' most fun time, getting it organised!! n hey hey.. i've never ever done a pookkalam/pookolam till date... n today, I got a chance to do just that!! ain't it rewarding enough?!!

lovely end to a totally fab week...
sheesh.. i dont want to think about coming over to work tomorrow, on a Saturday, to get done with my pending AIs, though!!!

photo courtesy: ShaliniM | slideshow courtesy: ShaliniG


  1. You loved the rain, did you just say?
    I love the rain too - I can sit the whole day outside my house, sipping on tea and a book. It's a great feeling to hear and smell the rain and have parts of an occational broken drop splash off your leg stretched out over the balcony railing.
    But that's when I'm in Kerala.
    the local rain god and me seem to be in a lousy mood all the time.
    the last time I was going to a wedding in a tux, and it pours down on me right outside the church.
    And this time, I'm stuck at a traffic light with a car on all sides of me, and splash it comes!
    My cellphone blew up, and I was headed to a friend's place on the opposite side of the city.
    And the worst part was that the only change of cloths she had that would fit me was a skirt and a tee.
    I so like bangalore rains!

  2. :D seems like u shld consult some astrologer soon n do a puja for the bangalore rain gods to have mercy on u!!

    bala in a skirt n a tee? :)) cant stop laughing!