Thursday, April 19, 2007

rain rain go away.. come again another day!!

Seems like I'm unintentionally falling into following a certain weekly time-table of blogging on Thursday nights, since sometime now!

not my fault! for one, I have those late night con-calls on Thursdays late in the evening.. n now as though that wasn't enough, the B'lore mango showers are following a weekly time-table as well.. it rained during the evening last Wednesday, n so did it this week! It was raining late in the night last Thursday, n so does it today!! mebbe my colleague's right, I should've got my raincoat!!

It's funny to be in office at this hour.. most of us hapless souls are waiting for the mighty rain to subside.. n wot's even funny is d variations in rain induced mood swings of ppl across the zone.. i can hear a bon jovi playing somewhere at the other end.. n someone's playing Anu Mallik's 'Why did you break my heart' somewhere nearby!! aaargh... no! i seriously dont feel like listening to these right nw! lemme get my headphone n hunt for my favourite late-night-at-work-cheer song. I've always luvd this one for it's upbeat music..

well its already past 10pm, n i better get going! The rain's in no mood to say bye-bye.. but now I've got a song in my mind and a smile on my lips! :)


  1. luv thre concert better :)

  2. hey vinod! long time since i got 2 c u in here!
    thnx 4 sending across d link.. guess wot, i found some of my fav Corrs numbers there + some of Shania Twain's too!