Thursday, April 5, 2007

Misfortune never comes alone...

Hema took the help of her Kannada literate colleagues to decode the manuscript written in the ticket.. The policeman had written in there, that we were on the wrong lane!!! n he has even specified the address of the court where we'll be asked to go to, if we fail to produce the papers at the Station within the deadline! when I got to hear this news late in the evening, I felt this sudden urge to use all those filthy words (yeah, the ones I had learnt long back during my Engineering college days - primarily to curse the Mechanical engg. guys) against him!

The boiling point of my blood is usually very low.. I tend to lose my temper very soon.. But then, I'm not one of those people who just declare pompously that, 'I am what I am.. it's in my genes..' n just get away with it.. I, for one, have tried verry veryy diligently to get over this bad habit of mine.. 'Stephen Covey' spoke about unlearning bad habits, in the book '7 habits of highly effective people', which I found very convincing... I've been able to get over it many a times since then.. but yesterday, i felt I was losing it, Very Badly..

One of my colleagues adviced me to just not bother about it.. 'tear it off and get done with it', he said.. but then we weren't too sure of it.. the MayoHall Court's address was kinda ringing danger bells.. we definitely didn't want to get into all that mess..

Hema decided that she's not going to take me to the Police Station.. But how.. oh how, could she expect me to stay away from it and send my li'l sister alone to that place.. (Police stations in India always have a shady, scary image.. n more so, for women! Even Govt. offices aren't any better..Once when I went to pay the Entry fee to the Karnataka Govt, after transporting my scooter from Punjab to here, they calculated the fee to be something to the tune of 1.5k.. and the guy who wrote the bill, had the audacity to demand 'something' from me.. I asked, 'how much??' for which he replied with another question: 'how much do you have?'.. i told him, i dont know about the volume of this 'something'.. for which, he demanded another 900rs!! I raised my voice a bit, demanding why would I want to give him that, when he isn't doing me any favour.. I'm paying the fee which's due to me! n then he hushes me down, concerned that his officer sitting in the other room may overhear.. apparentently, the officer must've been a 'good' guy.. n so I was spared!) I somehow managed to convince her that I'll keep my bigmouth shut and let her do all the talking..
Though, till date, whenever we went to government offices like the RTO/ to pay the Karnataka Entry fee for vehicle / the insurance office or whatever.. I've been the one, who has been doing the talking.. even with that hellish cable TV operator.. the language these ppl speak is totally different.. Im not refering to the 'language' per se... but their tone of speech n pushy nature.. one needs to talk to them in the same tongue to make one's way through it.. Hema always used to keep silent.. she knew her big sister would do better.. that she's learnt it the hard way..

Anyways, yesterday, it was a different story.. she said she'll handle it.. n I trusted her.. though I convinced her to take me along with her to the Station..
She came to pick me up, late in the evening.. n we decided not to venture into that ominous stretch of one-way.. (Hema had noticed a lot of cops on her way to office.. mebbe it was some kind of a deadline for them to issue the maximum number of tickets or something! Otherwise, it's the beginning of the month.. normally these guys make a beeline to the one-ways during month-ends when they're short of change! And then, they have this very notorious reputation of hiding behind the bushes n shades, waiting for their prey.. many of the one-way stretches in Bangalore don't have the 'one-way' boards anywhere.. and the way in which they are structured, is such that for a person to travel from "X" to "Y", he has to make his way through atleast 3 traffic signals at "A" , "L" and "T" to reach "Y"... and they keep complaining about the alarming traffic congestions throughout the city!)

So we took the other road, only to find a boy (of around 16/18 yrs) jump in front of us..he stopped us, and pointed to a couple of cops hiding in the shade (again!).. I couldn't believe it's happening to us!! twice the same day!! (yeah, u guessed it ryt, my blood again shot past it's boiling point!) Again another session of reasoning with that cop, telling him we are on our way to pay the fine for the same crime we apparently did today morning.. the scronful man was just tooo delighted at our plight.. he started screaming on top of his voice, calling over even the pedastrians going that way (just like those Autowallahs after any silly road scuffle) to discuss these 2 silly women, violating traffic rules twice a day (though everyone knows it's more about getting caught, than violating it..)All this while, atleast a dozen 2-wheelers went past the same one-way in the wrong direction, while no one bothered to stop them!! I asked him to show me the one-way board anywhere there.. but hey hey.. u aren't entitled to question an Indian Policeman, ryt? it's his sole right to question people.. But then, thank God, Hema intervened.. I couldn't believe my kid sister could really convince that moron to spare us from getting another ticket issued!! I was a proud sister.. but both of us were visibly shaken by this followup misadventure.. ok, so we were spared.. but then, we couldn't find our scooter keys.. we searched for it everywhere.. but no!! it was nowhere to be found.. after a couple of minutes, that 'young boy' comes back, consults the cops, n returns the key to us!!! Welcome to Bangalore, the garden city.. the IT corridor.. the looter's haven!!

Ok, so we took the route through "A" , "L" and "T" to reach the Police Station.. all this while, expecting any cop to jump out of one of those bushes n announce another violation of traffic rules! Once we reached the Police Station, we found that there's no parking space around, though we could spot a handful of scooters parked along the side of the lane.. but hey... by then, we both were kinda paranoid.. There's this saying 'onnil pizhachaal moonnu' (if it happens more than once, most probably it'll stop only at count '3').. so we were expecting the 3rd one in the series to happen any minute.. Hema left me perched on the front seat of the scooter with my mobile phone in my hands, so that if a cop comes over, I can tell him that I just stopped here to attend a call.. and yeah, she made me wear the helmet too.. I dont want to get fined again for not wearing the helmet, ryt?!!

Thankfully, Hems came out very soon.. n the fine also wasn't too hefty either.. 100rs.. but the tension we went through was much more.. on our way back, we were on the constant lookout for the 3rd misfortune, to complete the trilogy.. but no.. nothing happened by the grace of God.. we both had a good night's sleep ..

Hema left for office too early today... I decided to go late, as I'll have to stay late for the late night con-call as well.. I walked in to office to realise that I dont have my Access card with me.. I took a loaner's card from the reception.. n then I realise, I dont have the keys to my cupboard either.. my laptop is locked up in there, n I needed it pretty badly today!! I had left all these in Hema's bag yesterday, while waiting outside the Police station.. Hema had to come all the way back to my office to get me these things.. Poor Hems had gone half-an-hr early to office, only to waste an hour unnecessarily on this!! :(

But I hope, the misfortune trilogy must've got completed by now!

Just logged into this community, I share with some of my pretty close pals of College days.. Dimple's going through some bad patch of time.. n so is Anjusha.. I guess it's all in the air...

I guess (as silly as it might sound) the best idea to combat the bad times is to 'keep smiling'! who knows, the bad times themselves may just lose interest n go their own way! :)


  1. Hey Usha! Thanks for stopping by!

    And thanks for the birthday wishes!

    @ ur blog:
    What an incident! Hee hee

  2. ha ha ha.
    call me an MCP - that's what the ladies do.. but when you start driving, I still cant help but go ha ha ha.

    my condolences! :0)

  3. @naina: gud to see u here, as well! :)
    thankfully the trilogy series is done with, by now.. touchwood!!!

    @bala: oye!! atleast we are better off than those men with their brains spilt open on the roads in d middle of the highways!!
    wot d'u call me nw, FCP?? :P

  4. but seriously, I liked the part about smiling.
    Very true.
    If you refuse to let bad times get to your head, you stay happy.
    People ask me what the secret ees, and that's precisely what I tell them.