Thursday, March 1, 2007

in pin safety pin.. in pin out!

"pushpa... i hate tears..."
for me it's choices! I haaaate choices.. at times, when all the options sound equally good (/bad!), or worse still when it's totally beyond my discretion, more often when the decision is to be made for trivial stuff... but choices, I have to make.. no running away! aargh.. even running away isn't that easy, I have to choose to run!

it starts frm the moment the alarm goes off in the morning... "should I get up now, or go for the snooze?" (well, snooze is always my personal favorite though..)

the simplification formula always comes in handy... 'in pin safety pin..'
the trick is just too good for me to grow out of it.. It was a pretty ok thing to do at school.. I used to follow this one happily, even while at college.. though Tina used to give me that, "are u insane?" look then... that was when I was 18! a decade later, I still find myself resorting to the same old master simplification formula!

I believe its inventor must've been a real genius...u bet, decision making has never been so easy! :D it takes such a huge load off our li'l heads.. so that we can spare our wisdom for more important judgments.. you, mebbe deciding to switch jobs??!! well... ahem.. I wonder if it's ok to go for the same formula again!! ;) aadat se majboor hoon, u see..

now is this something worth posting?? lemme c.. in pin safety pin... ... there you go!! :)


  1. haha.. ya I also still do it, but with a different song each time. in pin safety pin, if its between 2 things I know exactly which one wud get selected .. mine is dama deema dakkanakka thokkanakka way salaam nakkna way thunukku thuna way :d

  2. bups! u're jimbly hilarious da!!

    hey n wot was d other african song u used 2 sing bubbles?! something which goes like "eenchaka maacha *** *** iyang macha cho..." something like dat... rmmbr we all used 2 luv dat! long time since we got 2 do all dat masti

  3. ush..

    bubble's song, sorry african song:
    eechkku maacha eecha poocha
    chiyang maacha chodo..
    chik chik chodo chiyaang chodo..
    eeyaa eeyaa ooo..

  4. Was that the seventh syphony?
    Or is it that i boarded the pink bmtc bus?
    I'm more than a little confused. What's going on?

  5. @ dimple: yay!! dats d one! hehehe.. btw dups, i hope it's not some afrikaan therippaattu! ;)

    @ wonderboy: i know dat u're inherently a wonderer.. but some things are never meant to be understood, wonderboy.. n it's better left dat way.. u don't want to find urself banging u'r head against a brickwall after learning wot it's all about, ryt?! :)

  6. aiiyoo..
    suspense, murder mystery.. what genre is the story?

  7. let's hope bubble stops by sometime, to enlighten us on dat! :D