Monday, March 12, 2007

The Helmet funda (what's in the name?)

Hema always keeps asking questions that amaze me.. (contrary to her usual argument that i keep asking her a lot of why's and what's)

today morning, while leaving for work, she forgot to get her scooter helmet.. (now that the 'helmet rule' is made mandatory in Bangalore!)

she comes back to fetch it and I find her asking me this question: "why is the helmet called helmet? wot's d logic in its name? there should be something.. " n she went on to dissect the noun into two: "hell met"

is it because it goes n meets with hell, when it's actually your turn?
or could it be that if you dare not wear it, get ready to go to hell?

a couple of questions, and then I find her picking up her helmet and heading for work!

intrigued by the thought, I googled it, with no good result..
Wikipedia gave me a few insights on Helmets though.. its History and Heraldry and the different types of helmets in vogue.
and it also helped me learn about the World Health Organisation's Helmet Initiative and also find some statistics from the WHO on the same
Incase you are one of those helmet haters, then pls do yourself a favor by taking a look at this
If you have kids back home, why not get them real interested in helmets by sharing this info with them, on how to make a knightly helmet for themselves!

hmm.. so much for a public interest message..
Wear a Helmet and Drive Safe!


  1. helmet: From hlematathon (colloq. greek) for the steel underwear that was very popular during the time.
    *wink wink*

  2. hehe.. yeah wonderboy.. you better get yourself a 'hlematathon'(wonder how u invent such words?) before the greeks come hunting for u 4 meddling with their language! :))