Thursday, March 8, 2007

Happy Women's Day!!

Happy Women's Day, folks!

It's a beautiful day today.. more so because I see some clarity regarding what should be my next step (careerwise).. Had a meeting with my Manager the other day, and I must say, it was pretty fruitful.. in the sense, it helped me gauge the situation real well to make up my mind on what should my next road to travel!

I don't buy the argument to have a fixed destination in life.. was having a discussion with Hema, late in the evening yesterday about that.. it's the journey which gives me the high.. the best way I can live my life is to make my journey worthwhile..

ofcourse, I have my aims.. but the fact is that, once I make it to that, I dont tend to stop. I find myself a new aim.. and it just goes on.. Reminds me of Sr. Blossy's advice: "aim the sky, and you will reach the tree top".. but there are a lot of intermediate steps in between..u know, on the way to the sky.. which I set for myself from time to time! life would've been all too boring without them!

newys, what I was coming to, is that, this is one of those happy days when I feel totally in charge of my life.. (nopes.. um not talking abt delusions, here! not about bhangi golis/ecstasy, silly!) this is one of those days when I really feel like a hero!

On the occasion of Women's Day, pls do find sometime to read about these ACTION HEROES as well..

Have a rocking day! :)

PS: on a lighter note, wanted to share something interesting I found in a forwarded mail (from jyoti). not that I'm a male basher.. but I found the last line extremely hilarious!

Epilogue: so, we get an official mail from a lady in HR. they're planning to celebrate Women's Day in style by doing a private screening of Lage Raho Munnabhai, exclusively for the ladies in the IEC! n they promised gifts too..
yeah, obviously, before I finish reading the mail, I am on my way to there! I find a couple of friends near that hall, we grab our chairs and head in.. ok! so its work in progress.. n finally it's announced that there's a technical snag which prevents the screening! wah! kya baat he! n so the ladies decide to introduce themselves..

ok.. dont ask me what next, 'coz i just made my way out of there in disappointment.. bumped into another colleague on my way to my desk.. we grinned at each other.. "flop show!" i threw up my hands.. she said, "i know, Totally!" :D

end of story! or so I thought.. but no, it didn't, thankfully! read on..

Addendum to the Epilogue: hey!! i just went that way again (u know, d lure of gifts.. specifically, 'coz i knew that it's chocolates!!) the movie was running (though there weren't any audience) and yeah, the box of chocolates was sitting tight, right there, smiling at me.. got one pack for myself and another one for my less privileged (read men) team mates!
happy happy! :)

All's well that ends well!
hope you all had a great day too! :)


  1. Happy womens day to you! Wish your soul and spirit be beauty today! By the way, talking about goals and aims, reminds me about mission term, it is like an unreacheble goal, a horizont you walk to but never reach. That is our destiny never to reach a complete and absolute knowledge and happiness. But that is our main power! So don't lose it!

  2. Thankyou, Boris.. really nice of you to have stopped by to wish :)

    I couldn't agree with you more, when you talk about 'missions' leading ppl.. it's indeed very powerful.

    but some ppl like me, prefer to go by a 'vision'.. there is no hard n fast goal in d horizon as such, for us.

    but when i set short term goals on my way, it gives me a reason to smile n give myself a pat on my shoulder on attaining it..
    u know, some ppl do need that constant re-assurance..

    Wish you good luck with your mission too! God bless!

  3. i've always thought having lifet-me, even yearly goals skew a person's perception.
    And that it pays to have a short memory, and short sight (i have both).
    good luck, on that career decission,and dont forget to have fun!

    international women's day?
    well, *hic* to that.

  4. @wonderboy: hey, thnx bala.. i sure do need some gud luck on that front! :)

    and about goals n plans.. well, there was a time when i thought it's best not to plan ahead at all.. but then i realised that it is the fear of 'not being able to fulfill it' which's been holding me back..

    and i've realised that, more than plans n goals, what actually succeeds is belief.. if i believe dat i wudnt make it as per my plan, i wud never make it at all.. n if i do believe in it, i end up hitting the target, atleast 9/10 times!

    i feel one will do much better in life, if there's a belief/guiding light/vision/mission/plan/goal or wotever u call it! it helps to get one focussed in life

    n there's nothing to beat the ecstasy on fulfilling an aim you've been wanting to!

    n for the perception thing you were talking about, I agree with it fully! but hey, these are aims which we set for ourselves and i guess we can be a li'l flexible on dat in the longer run! it shouldn't make us shun them totally!

    PS:btw, i do think celebrating International Women's Day is cool! As I keep telling always, a li'l more celebration for a day, doesnt make the other days any less of a celebration :) and I dont think it's a gr8 idea to forego any gud opportunity to celebrate! wot say?