Thursday, March 29, 2007

bizzy bizzy...

I know it's been sometime since I really got to jot in something here...

My excuse: I've been keeping real real busy. But that, I always am, of late.. Guess I've got addicted to the state of being busy.. but every other time i get busy, my perception of being "hopelessly busy" is challenged.. it always gets higher in amplitude than what already was.

I do get bugged up when that happens.. when I'm pushed to the extreme.. but somehow end up feeling sooo good once I get over the challenge. I've started loving the whole process of listing it all out, prioritising, doing my AIs systematically.. it gets the best out of me.. i tend to be more proactive, the transparency in my communications improve.. n once I'm over it, there's nothing quite like it!

My current challenge: I've been put into this sustaining project team for the time being while the only QA lead of the team is out on maternity leave. I get to realise much later that I was just shown the tip of the iceberg during the TOI, and once she's gone, I find a 101 terminologies, test plans and scopes hurled at me all of a sudden. was like an avalanche of info in bits n bytes, none of which was making any sense to me + double the number of reference points, each one of them painting different pictures of a single concept.

was totally stumped, off guard, n found myself in the non-acceptance/non-compliance mode.. but now after a handful of meetings with my manager, concalls with the development lead who's in a remote location, and bugging my only 2 comdrades in the new team umpteen times, i find myself somewhat on-track. good for me!

Just realised the gravity of the situation clearly now! the bigger picture, the zoom-in picture, everything.. now the only thing left is execution in peace and some learning.

The bottomline is: I'm busy and I'm happy :)
hmm.. well.. not exactly.. one can never have enough when it's about the money!
money money money, it's so funny! :D

On the personal front, things were getting hectic as well..
Papa Mummy had come over to visit us for a couple of weeks. (guess, they got too tired of asking their 2 hopeless daughters to spare sometime and go home to join them.)

They just left for Trivandrum today evening.. I went home in the evening to see them off (from home - Papa somehow doesn't like the idea of us going to the railway station with them.. it's been like that always, if Papa's travelling, we had to see him off from home. The only time I ever saw him off was 9 years back.. I realised that its somehow kinda tough to say a bye-bye to Papa like that. I got a bout of viral fever that time, which lasted for a week. I never ever dared to do that again!)
The 1st thing I did as soon as they left, was to rearrange the furniture in the living room.. otherwise the whole place will remind me of them! whatever I do, when I step into the kitchen, it's got 'Mummy' written all over the place!

Ideally, I should've been sulking at home now. But I'm back at office! Had this concall to attend at 9:30pm, which just got called off at the last moment. All that happens, happens for a reason.. now, atleast it gave me the time to peep into this space! :)

In retrospect, just about 5 years back, I had this constant urge to fly away from home.. fly away from my nest, my comfort zone. Had this need to do things on my own.. travel places, create this 'space for myself', prove to myself that I'm much more capable of doing things.. I needed those challenges, to overcome them.. make the most of my abilities.. And that I did! the path was never too easy.. (might have something to do with my karma, I never got anything in life too easily..) Had to fight for it (to the extent that I doubt anything which somes too easy in life!), and I feel that has done me more good, 'coz I truly value what I've got!

Now, though, I feel good and pampered when I'm with my family, (Thank God, Hema and me are still together. And we do manage pretty well too..) but when MummyPapa are around, it feels sooooo good and just soo right! A totally enthusiastic Mummy, whose sole intention is to make sure she treats us to all our favourite food... and Papa who's always there for us.. was totally nostalgic when Papa came over to office at 10:30pm to pick me up after one of those late night con-calls. Reminded me of those school days when we used 2 wait eagerly in the School playground, waiting for Papa to come over and get us home.. with the much loved incentive of a cool 'Sip-up' from the nearby shop, incase he gets late!

These days I keep wondering, what's the big point in living if we are not with our loved ones! Getting lost in this mad rat-race is the rule of the day.. But I guess it's time for some introspection!

For my friends: I'm currently in one of those super busy phases of life.. pls do excuse me if you dont get to hear from me as often.. (i've already started getting a handful of complaints.. and so, thought of taking an anticipatory bail, rightaway!! :P ) i'll surely get back to form once I get done with this.. till then, take care n be good!

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