Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Audacity rediscovered?!

that's wot they say Mallika Sherawat is all about! I say, she rocks!

I watched Murder more than an year after it hit the screens, n must say, wasn't too impressed with her acting skills... but have always enjoyed the lady's famous quotes in print! not that I agree with her or something.. the fact is, i adore the lady's gutsiness to own upto her acts.. rmmbr sometime back, we used to have actresses doing similar stuff only to disown them later.. or play the poor li'l exploited girl... rmmbr Manisha Koirala in ek choti si love story n long back, an apologetic Gouthami, after doing a comparatively harmless Chiku buku raile..

i got to see the Koffee with Karan episode with Mallika only the other day.. man! wasn't she hilarious.. i mean, the way she went about churning those trademarked quotes.. like, "you want a girl next door? then go next door!" :D hahaha.. how funny can that get!

but yeah, as Sanjay Leela Bhansali rightly said, i too felt that she's got a somewhat twisted idea about self-confidence.. though i can't blame her for that, as she herself claims, it has got more to do with her haryanvi upbringing.. (on the basis of my short stint in North India, i can tell you that humility/modesty is widely [if not always] taken for meekness there... since it's a comparatively loud society)

people do bitch about her a lot.. now, I donno whether she sleeps around with influential ppl to make her way to stardom.. the fact is, I really dont care about it.. it's none of my business... what I like about her is her gutsiness, her rawness, her honesty.. n her witty on-the-face kinda quotes...

for once, you get to see dat smirk on Karan Johar's face, fade away...

she's been made fun of, all through his last season, just the way Rakhi Sawant (for some strange reason, i happen to like this woman too.. now, don't read into it as it's got to do with her being similar to Mallika, as they say. I feel, even she's carved a niche for herself in her own special way, which is interesting!) is, for his season 2.. i mean, one can't just ignore these women... why? they dont bare any more than most of the women in that industry do.. what's different is that they speak their minds more than they bare their bodies...

in these days of diplomatic celebrities ( c'mon, a rani mukherjee/ preity zinta / aishwary rai sound just too similar! the same oh-so-boring politically correct diplomatic lines..), these women have their individuality n attitude writ large on their face n I feel that's what takes them places.. 'coz ppl recognise them, for wot they are!

You call it Audacity rediscovered? I call it Individuality(in the show biz) rediscovered!


  1. Mallika Sherawat is the best thing that happened to post-independance India.

    Disagree, and thy ears shalt be boxed!