Friday, February 9, 2007

You must love me

"You must love me..." the song still reverberates in my mind... just got to see the movie, EVITA yesterday.. must admit, a powerful movie.. though i haven't been a fan of many musical based movies, this one really stole the show..

Madonna did a wonderful job of potraying Eva Peron with all her might.. the songs were rendered brilliantly too.. n the pace of storytelling was just perfect!

But more than all the technical n creative excellence, what really got me hooked, was the strength of the lady (Eva Peron). In the 1st part of the movie, she reminded me a lot of my favorite, Scarlett O'Hara (fictional character of Gone with the wind fame). There's something about these women that's so overwhelming.

Coming to think of it, i realise that the ppl who've had d highest influence on me have been women (mostly, if not always). I feel Indira Gandhi's still the strongest of all the Prime Ministers we ever had (minus the Emergency n Operation Bluestar)! who had the grit to raise her voice against the Americans.

We feel proud when we think of the Indians contributing to a bigger cause in NASA. The names that we think of 1st are that of Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams! (btw, on a different note, have you ever wondered why we don't have many women in d spotlight, in the Indian Space Arena?!!)

Think of the ppl who brought India to the forefront in the International entertainment business/Hollywood.. we point our fingers 2 d icy Miss. Rai, and nw Shilpa Shetty too (well Manoj Shyamalan is phenomenal too.. but we're talking abt d ladies here, 4 a change!)

Turn to the Indian contribution to International Sports, we get to see more documentaries on the legendary PT Usha, and articles on Sanya Mirza these days..

It's tough to find someone else to draw a parallel to Mother Theresa.

Our own Kiran Bedi is such an inspiration to so many li'l girls in India. (Don't believe me? jst get ur hands on the newspaper interviews of the girls who won the National Bravery Awards, most of them want 2 become "pulis ka ispettor" --read police inspector. no prizes for guessing where the inspiration comes from!)

Helen Keller's my all time hero! (no, i wudn't call her a heroine, i believe heroism is not gender specific)

So what makes these women shine (ok, if u argue that it's a media hype which favors women, wonder what makes them do that?!) is not just their excellence in the chosen field.. what makes them a cover story is truly 'coz of their grit in how they overcame the handicap of being a woman. (trust me, an avg indian woman does have to fight with twice the might of a man, who manages to reach an equal position! no.. um not being a feminist. just being practical.. )

n these women (its unfair 2 call them anything, but ladies.. graceful ladies) were/are powerhouses of energy, confidence, determination, and the will power 2 make it happen at their own terms...

As Madonna croons away, I agree.. We will love them.. always!


  1. Most cultures have had a myth of a heroic age, when mankind was young and all men were virile, all women beautiful, and all problems simple - leading one to think that perfect men were to be thinkers and fighters, and women were to be beautiful.
    But the fact remains that there are strong women, and some of the perfectest people i have known are women.
    Which means world is far from perfect- What say? :)

    (came here blog hopping, and I like your blog.)

  2. @gauri: wow buddy.. i jst saw dat u finally started blogging 4 gud.. wil drop in ther with my 'gyan'ish comments sometime! beware! :D

    @Mr.Toothless wonder: hmm.. gues u're right, its all got 2 do with d preconceptions.

    but hey, i prefer not 2 count on 'perfect' as a practical word! moreover, i somehow find seemingly perfect things / ppl exceptionally boring ;) wot say? :)

    btw, um glad dat u liked d blog!