Tuesday, February 13, 2007

love is... just a state of mind?!

just back from a long n lazy weekend.. long? rendered even longer, thnx 2 d karnataka bandh we had yesterday.. n by now, having got used 2 d way tv cable operators in bangalore work, d enlightened me got myself a good book from the office library..just in case!

anyways, thankfully, the cable guys took some pity on us, lesser mortals, whose sole mode of entertainment is at their mercy..

so, what was in store for the weekend.. well, since valentine's day's just around the corner, almost all the channels have decided to choke the viewers to death with cartloads of love stories.. now, for bollywood based hindi movie channels, it's a huge challenge to find romantic ones in this age of formula movies.. we sigh in relief!

but noo... these smart guys excavated some old movies of an erstwhile era.. well.. so we got to watch a tacky 'maine pyar kiya' last weekend.. n to follow it up, this weekend they put in a 'jo jeeta wohi sikander' (n i realised that movie was after all, not so boring as I thought it might now.. oh I still remember how we coaxed Papa to take us to that movie while we were at school.. that must've been a decade n a half back.. poor Pops used to fall asleep watching those Aamir Khan movies, which we used to watch religiously)
n yesterday, they screened 'qayamat se qayamat tak'! (now, I'm one of those zillion girls, 4 whom Aamir Khan of QSQT was their first crush ever.. I did my schooling at an all girls convent school, n I remember what a phenomenon these khans were, during those days.. a crazy Mahima etching his name on her wrist with a (hold your breath!) compass, a meek Sajna handing me her whole collection of Salman Khan posters, 'coz she feared her folks might scream at her if they found out, n since she was sure it would be safe with me, as I had access to a table drawer all for myself!)

so, all's set, n I decide to watch the movie again, n take a ride to the long forgotten past, trying to get back into the shoes of a 10/11 yr old girl which I used to be then!

but lo! I found it funny, many a times... those guys so much in love.. foolish in love.. n to think that, when we were kids, we really used to believe that's love n glorify it! I remember I cried when I watched it for the 1st time as a kid..
the last bollywood love story I got to see was 'dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge' which was more than a decade back! n I remember I wept while watching DDLJ too!

but as expected, this time around I dint find QSQT so moving.. oh, wot a hardhearted woman I've grown into!

nonetheless, it was such a delight to watch the movie, surprisingly!
in these days, when love means nothing more than just a 'state of mind'!


  1. he he. only the other day we were talking about the quayamat se quayamat tak movie on tv, and the prospects of a teenage (intense) love story and if it would make it big on the charts if we decided to make it.

    valentines day is quite a *sad* state of mind when people keep asking you what your plans are - and all you say's that you like the joke!

  2. nah.. i doubt there'll b any buyers for dat nw!
    even d teenagers these days r a chaaloo lot, u bet! :D

    d best bet wud b movies on infidelity, or d 6pair formula with 10 songs n a couple of item numbers thrown in! dat should sell, 4 sure!

    (n don't 4get 2 gimme my consultation fee 4 dat piece of advice, if it works! )