Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flying beauties..

In the past couple of months, I've been lucky enough 2 get back in touch with a bunch of my old schoolmates.. n after d initial "hello hi's" i find myself enquiring whether they have any clue about the whereabouts of Gritty Joseph..

now who's Gritty?
we were best buddies at school during our pre-high school days.. n by the time we reached high school, all d equations changed.. u know how it is... there are groups n lobbies all around.. d basis of these classification's wer even funny.. studious, naughty, tomboys, malayalee mankas, shwang-shwang's (nw dat was d most interesting lot! d dhinchak accent was 2 b heard 2 b believed! :D), d silent beauties, teachers' pets, grumblers, last benchers, bulbuls... phew! n somehow, Gritty n me kinda drifted on 2 different groups..

so, wot makes me wonder about Gritty now?
yes, she was a very dear friend.. a sweet n cute li'l girl, who was a wonderful athlete (she was d fastest n bestest sprinter at school) but what used 2 amuse me always was her ambition.. (yeah i know, it hardly matters.. we all used 2 blabber endlessly about a 101 ambitions while at school.. but her's was unique..) she wanted 2 become an airhostess!! nw aint dat a glamorous ambition?!

we met once post high school, when we wer all deciding about which college 2 go to, n wot stream of study 2 take up... was surprised 2 know dat she was still steadfast on fulfilling dat dream of hers.. she was luking fwd 2 learn world history/ geography/ contemporary somethings n blah blah..

so, we went to 2 different colleges... n in this whole hustle bustle of career building, we totally lost touch with each other..

n then, 4 yrs bak, when i came 2 bangalore, i met this lovely girl, Gladys... we hit it off well with each other d day we met.. now, y is she dragged in2 this context?
well she had something in common with Gritty.. even she dreamt of becoming dat "air hostess" n she was on her way 2 becoming one soon.. i've seen her struggle thru all those crash courses / placements n have seen her toil hard 2 see her dream come true.. believe me, it aint no cakewalk babes.. its just as murky n dirty as any other corporate ladder.. newys, finally nw she's with one of the best airlines in d world.. ( :) happy ending?! oh, how i luv happy endings..)

i still wonder about Gritty.. i wonder whether she managed to make it.. i genuinely hope she did!

so, y am i discussing Gritty n Gladys n Airhostesses on a fine Saturday morining?
I just happened to read this column 2day.. on flight attendants.. d best part is, it doesn't rant about all those troubling issues we get 2 hear about this profession.. it just talks about those pretty gritty ladies who aim to fly high.. literally!


  1. You're quite an obsessive compulsive blogger! :)
    Out of school, and through the first few years of college, I never really knew what the rest of the school gang were upto. And then suddenly internet happened.
    yahoo groups is quite an interesting thing. Everytime I go home, there's a reunion, and it's so easy and full of smiles []. I even met a friend in Vatican once!

  2. :D dat i am.. atleast till i get over this initial mode.. c'mon its jst a mnth since i got started.. i can afford 2 b this way 4 sometime atleast, i gues.. til it all wears out!

    hey, dats a happy happy snap u've put up ther.. old frnds reunions r always fun.. though 4 me, i've found most of my schoolfrnds thru ORKUT

    i did glance thru ur blog too.. pretty interesting.. n must say, u've got an awesom sense of humor! keep it up! :)