Friday, February 2, 2007

Commercialisation isn't that bad afterall !!

Valentine's day's just around the corner.
"love's in the air!" some say..
n the puritan's cry foul, "commercialization's in d air!!"

ok.. so you understand that it's a marketing gimmick, n dont give in! well.. good for u!
but what have you got against ppl who do give in?
the people who make money out of this hoopla are d opportunistic lot! well let them.. they do that because they are smart enough to make the most of the opportunity!

n if someone feels happier shelling out 10 bucks to get oneself a red heart shaped balloon on one hand and a red rose on the other (dat's me, btw!), what's wrong in doing that?!

i'd luv to do that anyday, if valentine's day (commercialization inclusive), is giving me a reason to do that, why should i be complaining?!

btw, i just realised that there ARE people who dont think of commercialization of festivals, as demons! found something interesting here


  1. i'm surprised!! seriously..

    i was expecting loads of rotten eggs n tomatoes in here! *chuckles*

  2. i do support ur thoughts here. In the very hetic life if we need to relax ans enjoy why not catch hold of such occasion and pause for a while to enjoy life. All know that Life goes on so why not enjoy it with such small but great and meaningfull occasions. :)

  3. @ jyoti: 120% true, mam!

    i still rmmbr dat footer msg in ur mails.. something in tune with life n colors.. used 2 luv dat! :)