Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nike Cricket Crazy

Though not as much a fan of mainstream cricket.. I'm a clear fan of gully cricket!
n i just luvd the spirit of this Nike ad...


  1. ithu njaan innaa kande.. kurekaalam koodiyaa njaan nammude oru ad kaanunne.. mogembo khush..

  2. me too khush! :)
    hey dups..
    dont u worry.. um planning 2 update the blog, with some of my favorite ads!

    btw, these days i find some ads more interesting than the actual tv programs which these brands sponsor!

  3. I am also a big fan of this ad Ush...was wondering if Nike changes this ad i am going to miss this one... Now it will be there in your blog anyway. :-)...

    Was reading your blogs 1/1... Always believed that you should start writing from the days i read your first story which got published in our magazine... "Love is Blind" ....

  4. @som: yeah storm, even me thought of saving it here for the same purpose.. d enthu in it is awesome! :)

    n hey, u went thru al my bak-bak at one go? bet even i wudnt dare to do dat!! hehe.. congrats storm!! u just did the impossible!! :)

    story writing.. well u know storm.. dat was d 1st and the last story i ever wrote..
    though I dont rmmbr much of it, I still feel like kicking the guy who did the copy-editing for it.. u know wot, he changed an "ashened face" to an "ashamed face"! n dat too in the last line.. i know i can never forgive him for having done dat to my story!! :D

    life has changed a lot, n even my attitude.. from 'Love is Blind' (um totally flattered to know dat u still remember the title!), to 'Love is just a state of mind'..

    but yes, i guess i will start writing stories someday! hehehe.. thnx a ton for ur kind words, dear!