Monday, February 26, 2007

Blogging about Blogs

yeah, i know.. it could very well sound as though I must be chronically jobless to be blogging about blogs!

the fact is, I just attended a tech talk by Geertjan Wielenga, who's a technical writer for NetBeans, based in Prague, Czech Republic. (his blog is said to be getting the highest hitcounts at!)
ok, so you didn't get d context? well, SUN is one place which actually encourages its folks to blog! and has a totally dedicated space at for people to talk about their work, showcase the products and even post personal blogs like the one um doing nw! aint dat cool?!

the talk kinda triggered some thought processes in my mind..
ok, so I just started blogging about a month back, and find myself making atleast a couple of posts every week (well, definitely the count is not what matters to me the most, but the constant analyser that I am, couldn't hold myself back from analogizing the data). so what gets me coming back to this space to scribble down my thoughts?

well, it could be one of those seasonal addictions (just the way I was addicted to rose-mints during my pre-high school days).. but there should be something more to it.. I DO get a high out of it!

could that be about having a space to speak my mind n let the whole world know about it? well I am ok with it being public, but um not too sure about that argument, as I never had this urge to publicise it in other forums or blogrolls, other than ofcourse letting my friends know about it..

I do find all these trackers (you can find a couple of them which I've configured in here) pretty interesting.. it lets me know my readers, which part of the world they come from, and whether they do really come back to my blog for more.. it's a pretty flattering thing (something which I've realised is that, most of my friends prefer to let me know through mail, or some other more personal medium, than put in a comment here.. um still in the process of figuring out what could be the reason..) but surely, that's not what actually prompts me to keep blogging..

it can't be for a reason like 'writing' (just because one feels that one's good at writing, and wants to showcase it!). 'coz I for one, am a hopelessly poor writer.. (I've never got any published work to my credit, if not for a short story for the college magazine, and that too because incidentally I was a member of the magazine's editorial board for that year, and was actually prodding others to send in their entries!) I don't write poems.. n I don't quite enjoy it when I get to read something, for which I'll have to hit for every other sentence I read!

during the course of the tech talk, I realised that it has got more to do with how I feel about the whole process.

# it helps me assimilate the random thoughts in my mind on any issue.. it's like while I try to pen down something, I put a certain amount of pressure on my mind to collate ideas and streamline my views, that I end up feeling much clearer at the end of the process..

# I do get responses to my posts from a good cross section of my friends, which kind of gives more clarity to the hazy idea I have about certain things.. (it actually contributes to the growth process when you get that kind of constructive feedback)

# I used to share experiences and discuss thoughtprocesses with friends through private channels.. more of a 1:1 thing.. and most of the time, when I talk/mail to different people, I might not necessarily be in the same state of mind / discuss the same thing. Whereas, this medium helps me reach out to a good number of friends where I manage to convey it to all the folks in the same tone and mode.

# many believe 'silence is the best way to camouflage ignorance'.. I would say, well, its not a crime to be ignorant about something.. not everyone knows everything! its ok to speak one's mind. there's noone out there in the big void of the internet evaluating my IQ or wordpower! I feel, it's an absolutely marvelous feeling to air my opinions and not be judged by anyone.. because the twist here is that, though i am addressing everyone, i am not addressing anyone in particular.
it's not subjective to the recipient (in the sense, I dont have to bother about the preferences / state of mind of the reader I'm addressing, as in the case of 1:1 interactions), which gives more freedom of expression. and there's nothing to beat the feel good factor when I do own upto my opinions!

to sum it all, I would say, it feels good to come back to this place, which is more like a punching bag at times, a public forum at times, and a personal diary too, all rolled into one! and most of all, it feels like HOME! :)

hey, and thanks to you guys, for making it a lovely experience for me.. if not for you, I would've been scribbling all this away in a diary, rather than blog!
Do visit again! :)


  1. thanks accepted, and the comments page has started working again.

  2. seriously wonderboy! if not for you, i wud've really not known dat this commentpage does exist at all?! hehe.. danks 2 u! :)

    btw, um planning 2 conduct a private survey on why the rest of my friends prefer mailing/scrapping to this comments box!? :o
    me doesn't find it too user-un-friendly either!!