Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Blank Noise Project

Just bumped into this blogspace: Blank Noise today.. a brilliant initiative...wonder why I never heard of it earlier... n I'm sure a lot many people would not have.. if this post helps to spread the word across to at least a handful of people who might be interested in participating, I feel it would serve its purpose well..

I don't know the people who plan or organise these project events.. but I do share this strong sense of brotherhood (or should i call it sisterhood? ok.. whatever! you got my point, right?) with the folks..

please do take a look at the blog, before reading further..

the topic here, is eve-teasing..
all those obnoxious remarks, getting stones hurled at you as though you are some street dog or something..(yeah, this one happened to me in Bangalore!) to all that you get to read in the newspapers on that!

oh yeah, we've all learnt to live with it.. dismiss them off as "barking dogs"..or avoid it..
we all have our own li'l techniques of counteracts .. safety pins, self defense techniques, dodging our bodies to save ourselves in a crowded lane, going out in groups or easier still, simply not venturing out at all..
even having a boyfriend around for escort helps! (yeah, having a boyfriend does have some advantages too! :D) or getting yourself a vehicle (seriously, this one's the best i can vouch for.. it's been about 13 yrs since I've got one, and I refer to it as my "bade bhaiya")..
carrying your helmets along while you walk through the lanes.. it doubles up as a shield too.. n sometimes a weapon too.. well at least it'll help you make way for yourself in the crowded lanes!
n if you're staying alone, making sure you don't entertain friends (guys; exception >> pretty close pals) at your place.. not giving away direct contact details like your personal mobile number to people other than close friends/ if the situation calls for that info.. (hey, I do follow this one religiously.. I don't mind being nice to people I meet -well.. mostly, if not always-, but the moment they say 'phone number', I'll be into the "err.. ahem.. didn't hear that!" mode -or some other line.. hey, I wouldn't want to reveal those trademarked info in here, right.. c'mon, put on your thinking caps and invent some creative lines for yourself!- ,unless they are people I'm very sure about!)
(PS: girls: you must've got at least a couple of new techniques here..
guys: your mothers/sisters/girlfriends/wife/daughters would be thanking you if you pass this info to them)

whatever you do, it doesn't nullify the impact of the slimy treatment meted out to you just b'coz you were born a woman!

so, this bunch of youngsters, most of them girls, decided to throng the male dominated Brigade road of Bangalore on Feb 11, '07 (a pity I got to know about it 10 days later)..
"oh these girls! they just want to do all that the men are doing! n then they feel proud for doing that, creating nuisance to everyone".. this is how people dismiss such acts..

well lemme tell you my brothers n sisters, its not about proving some point by blindly aping men.. it's a way of reclaiming the space.. reclaiming the freedom.. reclaiming the sense of belonging to this society.. not feeling ashamed of being a woman.. its about getting into the man's territory and giving it a hit! and more often, the intension is to get even with the people who think less of them.. so, what's wrong in that?

if a 100 women thronging the Brigade road could be a nuisance to people, wonder how much of a nuisance those jobless men must be creating during the other 364 days of the year!

my dear friends, "BLANK NOISE" is the magic word.. spread the word around, find their chapter in your city, n get into action!!

for a change, let's try doing something better than just biting back the hurt pride!


  1. Usha , great spirit..suddenly remembered the harassment even in our college buses, and the way boys used to throw stones on girls gtrr... And I remember one stupid near to my school bus stand who used to try touch the girls. I have seen him doing so, and then once he was near me, I made my hand as stiff as possible and stroke on his hand hard.....and I ran away.. May be someone having mental issues like the show man in Adoor

  2. yeah bubbles... once i rmmbr, while i was boarding our college bus, one of the b******s from mech, pulled both the ends of my dupatta from behind.. n i really choked badly.. for d first time i knew how it feels when one is strangled..

    n some ppl still have d audacity to say dat "it is for fun" and "it is normal!"

    n u rmmbr d helplesness then.. we cudn't do anything against those ___s, as it wud mean inviting more trouble! oh how i hate our college.. if not for our friends at hostel, d college used 2 suck! (thank God, as we've realised, d life outside isn't as bad as it was in dat campus! touchwood!)

    n why we cud never fight it back, was primarily because, they always had a strong lobby, while we were all singletons.. we cud never unite to fight against it.. (yeah, we all do what we can 2 fight against it when its a lone person we have to deal with, but if it's a group, we dont have much options!)

    n dat's one thing i liked abt this grp of ppl... they've united against a cause considered silly by many.. did u get a chance 2 c d snaps at their blog? saw d resolve on d ladies' faces.. awesome!

    i hope i could join them d nxt time!

  3. Very well said Usha.
    All the women should have the power to beat up the ppl passing commnets to you or anyother women so that others could have a good lesson.
    Thanks for spreading such a useful awareness.