Tuesday, February 20, 2007

another bomb blast.. another national exigency..

Samjhauta Express blasts
since when did we grow to be so insensitive to the crude realities around us?

nopes, i don't intend to shed ink-tears on the issue..
it's eery.. ppl dont want to talk abt it anymore..
we get the news flash on tv, hear the shocking numbers..swallow that swelling lump in the throat.. yep.. human lives mean no more than headcounts nw..dead or alive. "atleast 66 dead", they say..
ok..so we switch to the nxt channel, airing a celebrity studded reality show!

is this what gandhiji meant when he said "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil"? one wonders..
is it coz ppl dont want to acknowledge this scary Sword of Damocles, which might come down on any one of us, anytime?
is it coz we've learnt it the hard way, that no matter how much we rant n rave, no good solution is going 2 come out of it anyways?
is it because we've learnt 2 accept d fact dat the world's been infested by a bunch of insane ppl, who go around butchering children for Pleasure, massacring ppl for proving a Point, violating all the basic human rights as a display of Power!

it's 'kalyug'!! brilliant reasoning! no questions beyond that!
yeah, we've learnt to lap it all up.. with a pinch of salt!

the new breed of news channels cover it extensively.. the competition here is: who paints the goriest realistic picture of the mishap! there is no cut, no edit, no consideration whatsoever on the impact of the scenes n words on the wide cross-section of television audience: on the innocent minds of small kids, on the sensitive religion freaks who are ready to pick up their swords at the drop of a hat!
who's bothered about journalism ethics n responsibilities here.. "oh dat's an unedited video we're screening, which just came in from a 'citizen journalist', we didnt have d time for a review" ! reason enough!
well d opportunists that they are, flash catchy questions on screen, asking ppl to send in sms es of "yes" or "no" for options! (well let's save the topic of those astronomic calculations of d profit they make out of this sms thingy, for another day!)
n team it up with some news updates on d count of celebrities dropping in at a posh hospital in d city 2 visit a bollywood hero who's taken in sick! wot an irony!
yeah, n they do a viewer's choice prioritisation of their news stack, which pushes these trivia to the forefront of national news viewership!
so what about the latest train blast? well.. that can wait for sometime!

eerie to think, where are we headed to? nowhere, i guess..
ppl just exist, for the sake of it, as long as they can.. or are allowed to, by the great power brokers of d land!

ok, so what do we do nw? we switch to the next business/finance channel.. catch up with the discussion on "budget '07"!
life goes on.. n we've got taxes to pay at d end of d financial year, you see!!
err.. dat's if we manage to exist till then, by chance!

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