Monday, January 22, 2007

Swamy and Friends...

"tanana.. tana nana na..." d title track of gud old "malgudi days".. whenever i hear the humming, it doesn't just remind me of the serial, but a chunk of my childhood mems just flash past my eyes.. gud old days... how i miss them..

last week, my dear friend Suni, handed me a copy of RK Narayan's "Swamy and Friends" ... couldn't wait 2 get my hands on it.. started reading it last Friday night before hitting my bed. My God! n wot a gud read it made!

it took me back to my schooldays in a fundoo joyride.. back to those vast playgrounds of Holy Angels' Convent, where we ran around like crazy, played al those li'l pranks on friends, n then on exam days, when we used to assemble there for our morning prayers, we used to run around trying to catch a flower on its flight down from those was a widespread belief at school dat it's lucky if a flower falls on u!!

the classmates.. the lobbying in the class, bothering the class leaders with our non stop chatter, while they were asked to monitor the class during a free hour..
best friends sitting n gossiping during class hours.. reminded me of my friend Uma, who used to watch a lot of hindi movies then, and share the stories in such an interesting way..(she's one of the best storytellers ive ever known till date!)
favorite chums in the class.. brainstorming to think up an unique name for our gang!

forgetting the copywriting assignments and writing 5 pages as imposition, the next day.. hoping n praying on some days, how gud it would be if i had caught a fever.. or atleast if the teacher caught one! :P

getting caught while wandering around during the free hours, thinking on our feet for some creative answers, only to mumble a quick.."Sister, we were goin to the loo!"

rmmbr in my primary classes, being totally awed by the digital watch of a proud li'l varadrajan, who was jst too happy to show off his latest aquisition, that he'd got from Madras!

those puzzles of profit and loss, t'was even worse when it's a play with big words and complex sentence structures, from which we dont understand whether they are talkin abt the cost price / the selling price!! n al the other biggie-wiggie jargons then.. not knowing wot to do with the data in hand.. add/subtract/multiply/divide.. those confusions which never ceased, when we got into higher grades, the doubt was which equation to apply! in trigonometry, getting entangled in that bulk of sines n cos n tan n cot n wot not! :D

the Albert Mission school of Malgudi and its rules reminded me of my gud old Holy Angels' Convent.. those ridiculous fines we had to pay for talking in any language other than english!!

the fanatic Mr. Ebenezer, reminded me of a crazy hindi teacher back at school, who would tell us that whoever calls their mothers "mummy" doesn't respect them.. n made us all stand up in the class, as though we committed some heinous crime n announced that we will be made to sit down only if we promise to address our moms as "amma"!

the dear Sr. Rosy, who used to weave in a certain thought process into our li'l minds, the similarities in the situations in which Krishna and Jesus were born... sowing the 1st seeds in our minds to think out of the box...

discussions abt the answers, post exams.. n then comparing our marks/grades, once we get the answer papers evaluated..

cycling away all day during the hols, only to get back home, right in time to watch the "giant robot" aired just before the sunday evening movie! i cant comprehend, wot was in it dat made me sit and watch dat programme! though i miss some shows like he-man! i wud stil luv 2 watch it... wonder where all those have vanished, in d crowd of the powerpuff girls n scooby doos ..

playing innocent pranks and then regretting doing dat, once the situation goes out of control, as we never imagined it could!! but stil putting up a brave face, n fighting it out!

the farewell scene at the end of the book, where Rajam leaves Malgudi was the most moving.. reminded me of all those school-friends whom i've had 2 part with, say byebyes like dat at some point of time.. knowing that i might never get 2 meet them again, and be with them and re live the days as they used 2 be..

mary abraham, gritty joseph, sajna, anjitha, uma, dinshaw, praseeda (whom we wud've adviced atleast a 101 times, not to look up at the english teacher, when she used 2 ask us to close our books and get ready for her daily revision questions!), rekha, disney, chitra... i miss u all guys.. n luv u a ton! god bless u wherever you are!


  1. buddy...u have reminded me all those hostel days...those 7 golden yrs tht i had spent at navodayas....
    well written ma' seems tht i shud be reading tht book too...
    good job!! -:)

  2. thnx gauri! hapy 2 know that u dint doze off while reading it! ;)

    yeah, do go thru' that buk sometime! bet, u're gonna luv it!

    the detailing is the best part of it, u know.. the thought process of a li'l boy!

    have a hapy time reading it!

  3. am surprised that youongsters enjoy RKN. he's my all time favoutire.

  4. same pinch on that!!
    youngsters? umm.. ok, i'll take that as a complement!! ;)

  5. I landed in your blog accidentally .. Being an ex HAC student, and was very surprised to see references of HAC and Sr Rosy. I passed out in 1988 . which batch were you ?

  6. @sr: hey, hello lady! :)
    it's always a pleasure to hear from gud old HAC folks.. pleasant surprise :)

    I was there till '94 when I did my 10th. Those 12 years in our school is always always the most cherished among memories of good times. you can find more of my posts on our school here:

    btw, just 'coz you talked about Sr. Rosy, I thought I'd tell you that we did try starting a thread in our school's forum in orkut to find about her whereabouts now. No luck yet.

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. hello usha .as i read this u made me return to my old school life .thanks 4 that . i think u r the same usha who i am thinking , my old class mate. i am Ritha frm ( X -B )

  8. Gawd!!!! Ritha! :O
    'ra' 'valli' 'tha'! that's you??!!
    gosh.. i cant stop grinning.
    how've u been, girl? where are you?
    its been soooooo long!

    how are ur parents? are they still at kottakkal? hows life been?

    sheesh.. how do i reach u now? ok listen, if u stop by here again, please please drop me an email at ushadhanrajatgmaildotcom. do that, ok?

    hope to catch up with u soon!