Monday, January 15, 2007


"how come you're still single?" "waiting for Mr. Perfect?" "when are you planning to get married?" they go on n on n on...
some of the most common questions hurled at me these days when i bump into an old friend or schoolmate..

why not put up a blog for the FAQ?! i wonder.. hmm.. not a bad idea afterall, huh?! ;) :D

n my most frequent answer to d FAQ is : "arre yaar.. koi banda mila hi nahin ab tak.. ismein meri kya galti he! :P"

honestly speaking, i cant point my finger on any particular reason for my apparently longer span of single status!
mebbe i have a li'l nomadic trait in me which kinda holds me back from the thought of "settling down"! mebbe um not too proactive about it?! mebbe there's really something about the astrologers' predictions that my horoscope points to a late marriage! wotever it is!!

but hey! at times i do come across some acquaintances who involuntarily give me reasons that i feel blissful about my single status..

now for a couple of snippets which've amused me lately..
an old classmate was telling me lately, how he sometimes totally forgets about the existence of his newly wed wife back home!! so much that he also conveniently forgets to update his marital status on any of his online profiles.. now that's interesting!

speaking of which reminds me of another ooooold ooold schoolmate whom i bumped into in one of the online forums, who would never tell me that he's engaged to a girl he's been dating 4 a decade! n finally when he got married, he was soooo not ready to accept it, that i've found him unfailingly deleting off all the congratulatory messages from his public scrapbook online.. n guess wot, even he wouldn't change his status 2 "married" on his public profiles online either!

which makes me wonder... is being single, the latest "IN" thing?! seems like its fashionably IN!

n u know, I'm always soo trendy! wot, u never knew that?!
well... now u know!! ;) :D


  1. I feel that being your true fren I shud still say "how come you're still single?" :o) :o) :o)

  2. hehehe.. copypasting my most frequent answer for ur kind reference :))
    >> "arre yaar.. koi banda mila hi nahin ab tak.. ismein meri kya galti he! :P"


  3. hmmm...a good post buddy...
    i do agree with u...but unlike all those examples tht u have ran thru...i wud say there is always other side of the coin too...its just a matter of what matters u when.
    so my trendy frend :) i can see...being single or not has nothing to do with fashion...its just whether how much it matters to u for getting into tht commitment...
    kuch jyada ho gaya lagta hai :) just wondering how come the smart n beautiful gal like u is still single!!! :D sure u gonna find someone right n perfect match for u soon...
    and count down begins now...hehe...

  4. well gauri my friend, lemme thank u 4 those kind complis 1st!

    yeah! let d coutdown begin... lets get started frm a "zillion", wot say?

  5. girl... just this much abt ur post:

    totally. agree. & emphaitize...

  6. @surya: dat calls for a same pinch! :)
    thnx for dropping by!