Monday, January 15, 2007


privacy matters! yes it does! atleast for me.. all these years while i've been contemplating the idea of blogging, the one thought which always prevailed was my choice to keep the matters of my life n thoughts n ideas or whatever, only to myself... n yes to a handful of very dear friends too... whose mailboxes i overload with my infinitely looong mails... (to the extent that if by any chance, i send them a 2 liner reply, they call up to make sure that um alright!! n they've been right atleast 8/10 times, if not more!!) the bottomline is.. ive been journalling my life away, all the time.. its another thing that its been open to a very selective audience, or else in my private diary (again, that's something i've never been systematic about.. used to do that only when um totally overwhelmed by something / feeling too low or too high! n the last time i scribbled something in it was 14 mnths back...that was the day when i came back to bangalore for good.. n incidentally, i lost my diary the very same day!!)

but blogging?! i, for one, was never too sure of taking the plunge... for half a decade, i kept putting off that idea for later! "it's not my kinda thing", i kept telling myself.. its not like um too much of an introvert or something... was just too averse to this "public" thingy online..

n then about an year back, a dear friend sent across an invitation to join ORKUT! i never heard of that until then, n since he was pretty persistent, i thought of checking it out... n wasnt too impressed with the idea.. (just how half the population of my age felt about it first...) "um too old for such stuff!" i told my buddy.. he prodded me to give it another try.. which i did! n this time around, i really got hooked on to it... its funny, i mean the whole idea of a public slambook.. its like u leave open a window of your life to the whole world!

though i wasnt too surprised with my change of mind. it's not new to me.. ive always surprised myself about the way in which i shift paradigms, change opinions and attitudes(very strong ones at times!) over a period of time.. call it being adaptive or inconsistent or wotever.. i would like to believe that it's my way of evolving.. n trust me, its always fun to discover a totally new person in oneself, once in a while! ;)

so, here i am, at my blogspot! :)
though it's yet to be seen whether i do manage to stick around for sometime in here..
but something tells me, um here to stay!! wot say, friends?


  1. This is fun ush...:D And with your way of writing things.. it is so good to read . :)

  2. dankoo bubbles sweetie..

    hope i keep on writing, thnx 2 ur kind complis! :)

  3. kalakkaren ush..porattangane poratte.. kooduthal kathakal poratte..
    I was surprised that I read the whole thing..How difficult it is to make me read something? Ush, padikkaanulla stuff koode ush-inte style-il ezhuthi kittiyurnnel njaan oru genius aayene..
    iniyum samayamundu..enne genius aakkaan..

  4. ente maathaave! njan enthaanee kaanunnathu! dimple tom, commentadikking?! ;)

    yeah yeah.. um going 2 write a book soon on "dimple chali, genius banne!" hehehe.. [sounds like an RGV movie's title, ryt! i beter get it registered soon! :P]

    n i'll make sure i manage 2 rope you in as d chief guest 4 d book release too! :D

    oye,btw dankoooo 4 commenting ma'm.. n hope 2 catch u arnd in here more often!

  5. eh? ush..ente comment-nem commentadichoo..