Friday, January 19, 2007

mind over matter?

'07 jan kickstarted with a bunch of health related issues in n around me..

n the 1st thing i thought of was how true of Susan Miller's predictions for Leos this month!

it al started off with a funny common cold i caught in d beginning of Jan.. which was dutifully passed onto Mummy dear and Papa strongest when they came visiting..

n then i got 2 hear of Dimple spraining her wrist after a misadventure in d snow (which really got me concerned, since she's staying all alone..)

n the latest was the skin allergy which caught on with Hems, from god knows where.. we thought of al the possible causes for those ruthless rashes.. n finally, found the answer to that in another reading of d monthly predictions (Hema n me are both leos)..
yeah!! this was indeed predicted!


flashback to '06 Dec...

the last wkg day of the month, n i passively checked my balance at the nearby ATM, only to find a 35k debited from my account! my head started spinning.. n once i gathered myself, i could see it all very clearly..

the predictions for the month..she said, " better be careful abt your credit cards et al.. you might lose it, or even worse, someone could forge your identity! " too much of a warning..

i decided that I've lost the money already!
n wasn't convinced of any other possibility until Papa noticed the code the bank has put up against the debit.. that was due to a cheque bounced coz of signature mismatch! whoosh! wot a relief!


i wonder.. do such (generic sunsign based) predictions really make any sense ?

or has it got to do something with the age-old saying that "if you believe too strongly in something, it actually happens" ?
a recently acquired GK from a movie's that, even stuff like voodoo actually have any impact, only when the recepient believes in it!

i myself have experienced my dreams/strong beliefs bearing fruit.. the life i live now was exactly the way i wanted it (by god's grace), 3 years bak! (its another thing, that my vision of life ahead is something totally different as of nw! speak about evolving!)

which all points to one question: is it all in the mind?
as they say... is it a case of mind over matter?


  1. Food for thought :) can vouch for it. Me too very much for those strange albeit amazing powers of the mind but first time coming across an article in print on it ..... good one !

  2. hey anjush! happy 2 find ur comment in here, dear! :) n gr8 to know that you liked it!

    guess what happened today, was jst running my hands through the "general read" section of our office library, n picked up a book randomly. it turned out to be: "What color is your parachute?" (a book for job-hunters and career-changers).. n u wont believe, jst d other day, i was kinda making up my mind to do a li'l introspection @ my careerfront!

    and sometime back, when i did that "Art of living" course, on the day of our last session, we were all supposed to get a gift for a batchmate of ours, who'll be selected in random.. i picked a book of Sri Sri Ravisankar to gift, coz even i wud've luvd 2 get that book for myself, and guess what, the guy with whom i had 2 exchange gifts, also had chosen the same book 2 present!(n the selection process was even funny.. we al wer suposed to walk blindfolded in the hall, stop walking when the music stops, n exchange gifts with d person nxt 2 us!) n we both ended up getting what we actually wanted.. infact this weird thing happened with a lot many ppl.. who said they just got exactly what they wanted! call it co-incidence or mind-over-matter, again! :)