Thursday, January 25, 2007

when lawyers don't trust the system anymore!

In this era where capital punishment has made a comeback as the order of the day, people seem to have taken up the responsibility of punishing the culprits, on themselves!

n they can't be blamed for it either! high time to review the effectiveness and efficiency of our legal system, i guess!


'Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God's grace.
Your best days are never so good that you're beyond the need of God's grace.'

- something i came across in Dimple's mail...
luvd it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Swamy and Friends...

"tanana.. tana nana na..." d title track of gud old "malgudi days".. whenever i hear the humming, it doesn't just remind me of the serial, but a chunk of my childhood mems just flash past my eyes.. gud old days... how i miss them..

last week, my dear friend Suni, handed me a copy of RK Narayan's "Swamy and Friends" ... couldn't wait 2 get my hands on it.. started reading it last Friday night before hitting my bed. My God! n wot a gud read it made!

it took me back to my schooldays in a fundoo joyride.. back to those vast playgrounds of Holy Angels' Convent, where we ran around like crazy, played al those li'l pranks on friends, n then on exam days, when we used to assemble there for our morning prayers, we used to run around trying to catch a flower on its flight down from those was a widespread belief at school dat it's lucky if a flower falls on u!!

the classmates.. the lobbying in the class, bothering the class leaders with our non stop chatter, while they were asked to monitor the class during a free hour..
best friends sitting n gossiping during class hours.. reminded me of my friend Uma, who used to watch a lot of hindi movies then, and share the stories in such an interesting way..(she's one of the best storytellers ive ever known till date!)
favorite chums in the class.. brainstorming to think up an unique name for our gang!

forgetting the copywriting assignments and writing 5 pages as imposition, the next day.. hoping n praying on some days, how gud it would be if i had caught a fever.. or atleast if the teacher caught one! :P

getting caught while wandering around during the free hours, thinking on our feet for some creative answers, only to mumble a quick.."Sister, we were goin to the loo!"

rmmbr in my primary classes, being totally awed by the digital watch of a proud li'l varadrajan, who was jst too happy to show off his latest aquisition, that he'd got from Madras!

those puzzles of profit and loss, t'was even worse when it's a play with big words and complex sentence structures, from which we dont understand whether they are talkin abt the cost price / the selling price!! n al the other biggie-wiggie jargons then.. not knowing wot to do with the data in hand.. add/subtract/multiply/divide.. those confusions which never ceased, when we got into higher grades, the doubt was which equation to apply! in trigonometry, getting entangled in that bulk of sines n cos n tan n cot n wot not! :D

the Albert Mission school of Malgudi and its rules reminded me of my gud old Holy Angels' Convent.. those ridiculous fines we had to pay for talking in any language other than english!!

the fanatic Mr. Ebenezer, reminded me of a crazy hindi teacher back at school, who would tell us that whoever calls their mothers "mummy" doesn't respect them.. n made us all stand up in the class, as though we committed some heinous crime n announced that we will be made to sit down only if we promise to address our moms as "amma"!

the dear Sr. Rosy, who used to weave in a certain thought process into our li'l minds, the similarities in the situations in which Krishna and Jesus were born... sowing the 1st seeds in our minds to think out of the box...

discussions abt the answers, post exams.. n then comparing our marks/grades, once we get the answer papers evaluated..

cycling away all day during the hols, only to get back home, right in time to watch the "giant robot" aired just before the sunday evening movie! i cant comprehend, wot was in it dat made me sit and watch dat programme! though i miss some shows like he-man! i wud stil luv 2 watch it... wonder where all those have vanished, in d crowd of the powerpuff girls n scooby doos ..

playing innocent pranks and then regretting doing dat, once the situation goes out of control, as we never imagined it could!! but stil putting up a brave face, n fighting it out!

the farewell scene at the end of the book, where Rajam leaves Malgudi was the most moving.. reminded me of all those school-friends whom i've had 2 part with, say byebyes like dat at some point of time.. knowing that i might never get 2 meet them again, and be with them and re live the days as they used 2 be..

mary abraham, gritty joseph, sajna, anjitha, uma, dinshaw, praseeda (whom we wud've adviced atleast a 101 times, not to look up at the english teacher, when she used 2 ask us to close our books and get ready for her daily revision questions!), rekha, disney, chitra... i miss u all guys.. n luv u a ton! god bless u wherever you are!

Friday, January 19, 2007

mind over matter?

'07 jan kickstarted with a bunch of health related issues in n around me..

n the 1st thing i thought of was how true of Susan Miller's predictions for Leos this month!

it al started off with a funny common cold i caught in d beginning of Jan.. which was dutifully passed onto Mummy dear and Papa strongest when they came visiting..

n then i got 2 hear of Dimple spraining her wrist after a misadventure in d snow (which really got me concerned, since she's staying all alone..)

n the latest was the skin allergy which caught on with Hems, from god knows where.. we thought of al the possible causes for those ruthless rashes.. n finally, found the answer to that in another reading of d monthly predictions (Hema n me are both leos)..
yeah!! this was indeed predicted!


flashback to '06 Dec...

the last wkg day of the month, n i passively checked my balance at the nearby ATM, only to find a 35k debited from my account! my head started spinning.. n once i gathered myself, i could see it all very clearly..

the predictions for the month..she said, " better be careful abt your credit cards et al.. you might lose it, or even worse, someone could forge your identity! " too much of a warning..

i decided that I've lost the money already!
n wasn't convinced of any other possibility until Papa noticed the code the bank has put up against the debit.. that was due to a cheque bounced coz of signature mismatch! whoosh! wot a relief!


i wonder.. do such (generic sunsign based) predictions really make any sense ?

or has it got to do something with the age-old saying that "if you believe too strongly in something, it actually happens" ?
a recently acquired GK from a movie's that, even stuff like voodoo actually have any impact, only when the recepient believes in it!

i myself have experienced my dreams/strong beliefs bearing fruit.. the life i live now was exactly the way i wanted it (by god's grace), 3 years bak! (its another thing, that my vision of life ahead is something totally different as of nw! speak about evolving!)

which all points to one question: is it all in the mind?
as they say... is it a case of mind over matter?

Monday, January 15, 2007


"how come you're still single?" "waiting for Mr. Perfect?" "when are you planning to get married?" they go on n on n on...
some of the most common questions hurled at me these days when i bump into an old friend or schoolmate..

why not put up a blog for the FAQ?! i wonder.. hmm.. not a bad idea afterall, huh?! ;) :D

n my most frequent answer to d FAQ is : "arre yaar.. koi banda mila hi nahin ab tak.. ismein meri kya galti he! :P"

honestly speaking, i cant point my finger on any particular reason for my apparently longer span of single status!
mebbe i have a li'l nomadic trait in me which kinda holds me back from the thought of "settling down"! mebbe um not too proactive about it?! mebbe there's really something about the astrologers' predictions that my horoscope points to a late marriage! wotever it is!!

but hey! at times i do come across some acquaintances who involuntarily give me reasons that i feel blissful about my single status..

now for a couple of snippets which've amused me lately..
an old classmate was telling me lately, how he sometimes totally forgets about the existence of his newly wed wife back home!! so much that he also conveniently forgets to update his marital status on any of his online profiles.. now that's interesting!

speaking of which reminds me of another ooooold ooold schoolmate whom i bumped into in one of the online forums, who would never tell me that he's engaged to a girl he's been dating 4 a decade! n finally when he got married, he was soooo not ready to accept it, that i've found him unfailingly deleting off all the congratulatory messages from his public scrapbook online.. n guess wot, even he wouldn't change his status 2 "married" on his public profiles online either!

which makes me wonder... is being single, the latest "IN" thing?! seems like its fashionably IN!

n u know, I'm always soo trendy! wot, u never knew that?!
well... now u know!! ;) :D


privacy matters! yes it does! atleast for me.. all these years while i've been contemplating the idea of blogging, the one thought which always prevailed was my choice to keep the matters of my life n thoughts n ideas or whatever, only to myself... n yes to a handful of very dear friends too... whose mailboxes i overload with my infinitely looong mails... (to the extent that if by any chance, i send them a 2 liner reply, they call up to make sure that um alright!! n they've been right atleast 8/10 times, if not more!!) the bottomline is.. ive been journalling my life away, all the time.. its another thing that its been open to a very selective audience, or else in my private diary (again, that's something i've never been systematic about.. used to do that only when um totally overwhelmed by something / feeling too low or too high! n the last time i scribbled something in it was 14 mnths back...that was the day when i came back to bangalore for good.. n incidentally, i lost my diary the very same day!!)

but blogging?! i, for one, was never too sure of taking the plunge... for half a decade, i kept putting off that idea for later! "it's not my kinda thing", i kept telling myself.. its not like um too much of an introvert or something... was just too averse to this "public" thingy online..

n then about an year back, a dear friend sent across an invitation to join ORKUT! i never heard of that until then, n since he was pretty persistent, i thought of checking it out... n wasnt too impressed with the idea.. (just how half the population of my age felt about it first...) "um too old for such stuff!" i told my buddy.. he prodded me to give it another try.. which i did! n this time around, i really got hooked on to it... its funny, i mean the whole idea of a public slambook.. its like u leave open a window of your life to the whole world!

though i wasnt too surprised with my change of mind. it's not new to me.. ive always surprised myself about the way in which i shift paradigms, change opinions and attitudes(very strong ones at times!) over a period of time.. call it being adaptive or inconsistent or wotever.. i would like to believe that it's my way of evolving.. n trust me, its always fun to discover a totally new person in oneself, once in a while! ;)

so, here i am, at my blogspot! :)
though it's yet to be seen whether i do manage to stick around for sometime in here..
but something tells me, um here to stay!! wot say, friends?